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Cuckold Toilets Life

mp4 175.79 MB

Locked in my toilet...that's your place. You watch me getting pleased by my lovers & you take whatever comes down that hole. Today is a fuck tonne of cum from the guy who cums like a fire hose! (Whether you're into cuckolding, toilet fetish or hand jobs this is a super hot vid. The cum shot alone is well-worth it!)
Length: 9 minutes

Toilet Time With Samantha

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Toilet fans will love this candid toilet talk clip with the gorgeous Goddess Samantha. I ask her intimate questions about her toilet habits...we discuss toilet boys & toilet paper slaves...& more!
(Click to see more of Samantha Mack)
Length: 13 minutes

Toilet Talk With Meggerz

mp4 323.87 MB

(Custom vid with no name mentioned). If you're curious about the real life toilet habits of Goddess's & what it would be like to serve a Goddess as her toilet'll enjoy this candid vid. I'm behind the camera (Mistress T) asking Meggerz intimate questions. A must-have for all toilet fans! (Click to see more of Meggerz)
Length: 11 minutes

Used Toilet Bitch

mp4 128.9 MB

Your place is in my bathroom, ready to do your duty for me & my girlfriends. Your wet tongue will be used as toilet paper for #1 & #2. You'll be used over & over... (Click to see more of Ceara Lynch)
Length: 4 minutes

Closet Cocksucker

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(Custom vid) I catch you starring at a used condom in my garbage can when you're supposed to be cleaning my bathroom. I confront you about your secret desire to suck cock. I tease you about it, telling you that I'll make you suck my lovers cock when it's covered in my pussy juices. I tell you to practice sucking cock in front of me by sucking on a few of your fingers. I tell you to use lots of spit & I spit on your face & in your mouth...I then tell you that you're a mess with all that spit on your face (pretending that it's cum all over your face) & offer to wash it off with my 'Goddess Water'. When you miss some of & it drips onto the toilet seat & floor you're made to lick it up. HIGH HUMILIATION + ENCOURAGE BI
Length: 11 minutes