Human Furniture

Shiny Ass Facesit

mp4 151.58 MB

Facesitting...wearing shiny liquid leggings.
Length: 5 minutes

New Sex Toy - Sex Robot

mp4 225.92 MB

I've just received a new sex toy. It has a life-like penis and mouth. Although it's a new design and somewhat tricky to figure out at first I have fun playing with it. The mouth part is especially good. I like the idea of having all the best features of a man without the hassles they normally come with. An object I can use for my pleasure without any regard for IT.
Length: 8 minutes

Mattress Cuckold Objectified

mp4 333.45 MB

My slave is just an object. A door mat, a face seat cushion, a mattress. I usually ignore him but I take sadistic pleasure in objectifying him in creative ways, in treating him like a thing. An "it". I sit full weight on his face while chatting on the phone. He has to lift me enough to get a bit of air. I stand on him while making out with & fucking my lover. I lay on top of him while getting fucked, with no regard for his comfort or feelings. I make him fluff my lovers cock but he's so worthless he doesn't do it well (probably because he thinks he's "straight") so I make him my cum-dumpster. I know how much he hates the taste of cum, even the idea of having cum in his mouth is horrifying. Ha ha!
Length: 11 minutes

Objectified Foot Bitch

mp4 146.18 MB

Sometimes it's the quiet moments that are the most sensual. In reality, if you served me we would have a lot of intimate moments like this...where you could give in to being an object. Just a warm, comfortable place for me to & worshiping my petite, delicate feet with your warm, wet tongue...
Length: 5 minutes

Cuckold Below Us - POV

mp4 416.8 MB

Fans of my 'Mattress Cuckold' films will especially love this vid filmed from the point of view of lying beneath me as I enjoy my lovers big cock. (GIANTESS fans could enjoy this angle too.) Light/medium humiliation & degradation. Lots of hot GRAPHIC sex stuff including: pussy licking, cock sucking, fucking & a messy facial for YOU (cum shot on YOUR face!). TIP OF THE DAY: Search the keyword "MATTRESS" above & find at least 15 films with me fucking on top of my cuckolds!
Length: 15 minutes

Facesitting Fiesta

mp4 173.95 MB

True story: The girls & I were getting ready to go to a fetish party. A fan generously offered his face for our amusement. He was a good sport, taking a punishing 3 girl pile up and some very brutal, prolonged facesitting from each of us. Latex facesitting too. All of us love facesitting and have done lots of it. Having a slave to torment added to the evenings festivities. Featuring Goddess Samantha, Miss Jasmine & Ariel Black.
Length: 6 minutes

Lexi's Pussy Cleaner

mp4 147.48 MB

After a night of debauchery with Lexi Sindel we return to her nice that she has a well trained pussy cleaner at the ready! After a night of fucking it's wonderful to have a thorough pussy cleaning to get all the cum sucked & licked out. Lexi & I chat about some of the hot highlights of the evening while mostly ignoring and objectifying the pussy cleaner...
Length: 5 minutes

Uncle Seat Cushion

wmv 255.26 MB

I have my pervy uncle wrapped around my pinky finger...and directly beneath me, exactly where he belongs.
Length: 7 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - T Cam 6

wmv 376.3 MB

Sexy Veronica! This clip focuses on her, her legs, her boots, her pussy...we chat while she uses a slave as a foot stool. Candid, unscripted and casual.
Length: 7 Minutes

Make Out On Human Sofa

wmv 201.27 MB

Humiliated cuckold? Objectified human furniture? Used slave? Smothered face seat cushion? Degraded ass worshiper? All of the above? I smother and grind my ass into the slaves lover & I even double up and grind passionately against each other increasing the weight, pressure & friction.
Length: 6 minutes