erectile dysfunction humiliation

Small Penis Rejection

mp4 222.14 MB

This guy arranged for a couple of escorts to come to his hotel room. Things are going well until he takes his pants off and the two start laughing at his ridiculous dicklet. It shrinks even further as they say a condom wouldn't even stay on that little thing. After a lot of cruel humiliation the ladies just leave with the money & head to the hotel bar to look for real men with real cocks. (Click to see more of Miss Jasmine)
Length: 7 minutes

I Hate You

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This is a custom vid, no name mentioned. Warning: harsh, cruel verbal degradation. This is just an entire video of me being a bitch to you, making fun of your tiny, limp, maggot-dick, me pointing out how pathetic your life is and how it will never change. Me taunting you about how you desire glamorous women but no woman would ever have anything to do with you. I laugh at you crying, I spit in your face & tell you to mix it together with your tears & use it for lube. You get the point. There's no happy ending here, no rainbows & lollipops. But hey, I know some of you will love this, just don't off yourself.
Length: 12 minutes