Complete Fail Audition

mp4 275.81 MB

What does real humiliation look like? This. Imagine that you've been a big fan for a long time, wanting to worship & serve me. You apply to be a film slave or stunt cock for my vids and this is your big chance. Now imagine failing so spectacularly that I decided to share the vid with the world so others could be amused at what a complete sexual failure you are.

Length: 9 minutes

Therapist Assesses Perversions

mp4 436 MB

Custom vid for Simon, his name is mentioned a few times. During our therapy session today I am going over your sexual habits:

- you've never had sex (you're a virgin)

- you live alone & masturbate at least twice a day

- you view a lot of porn. Mostly pics of women's asses but also gay porn

- you fantasize about sucking cock, eating cum & having anal sex with men

- you like to wear panties & put dildos in your anus

- you save loads of ejaculate in the freezer & eat them when you're masturbating

- you fantasize about sexy women telling you to do these things

Using professional language I assess you to be a deranged pervert who will never have a normal sex life with a woman. I am cruel & cutting with my remarks. Determining that you will not be able to listen to reason while you have an erection, I tell you to masturbate & get it over with so we can have a civilized conversation about your issues. I then try to encourage you to do better things with your time & to get some control of your disgusting behavior.

BONUS PART 2! There is a 2nd part that acts as a web cam check in at a later time. I ask if you've made any progress & finding that you are becoming aroused by our conversation I forbid you from masturbating & deem you hopeless.

So part 1 includes a stern masturbation instruction to climax with lots of humiliation/shaming. Part 2 (about 5 minutes) is just harsh judgement/rejection/orgasm denial.

Length: 18 minutes

You Disgust Me

mp4 267.65 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned.

You asked for this. You told me all of your personal information, that you're old, fat & haven't had sex in decades. That when you did you couldn't even perform or finish. You told me about how you used to steal your mothers gloves & pantyhose, how you'd wear them & when she found out she was disgusted.

Disgusted. That's been the theme of your life. Women either pity you or feel disgusted by you. Watching vids like this, by women who don't know you, that's as close as you get to sex these days. It only feels safe with that separation. But I know you now, don't I? You were invisible but you made yourself vulnerable to me. Now my disdain is more real, isn't it?

Cruel, cutting verbal degradation. Mean female. Rejection, denial & intimate humiliation.

Length: 12 minutes

Your Dick Is Too Big

mp4 337.13 MB

I know this is a departure from all the small penis humiliation I've done, but the truth is, there's such a thing as "too big" as well. Not all women want a giant cock pounding away on their delicate flowers. If a dick is too big, like yours, it can be uncomfortable. So you're worthless. Useless. I'm not interested in fucking you. Your place is as a cuckold, being denied sex. Your freak cock forever banished from lovemaking.
Length: 11 minutes

Humiliation Rejection Cuckolding

mp4 313.09 MB

If you've ever wanted a woman that you couldn't have...if you've ever been jealous that another man got to have her...if somehow sexual rejection has twisted around in your brain to turn you on...than this is for you. Maybe it started in high school? A girl out of your league humiliating you...or maybe something more any case, the title says it all. This is a thorough mind fuck if you're into any of the above.
Length: 10 minutes

Small Black Penis Humiliation

mp4 234.69 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned: I'm a married woman hooking up with a black man for the first time. I'm really excited about getting some BBC (Big Black Cock) after dealing with my husbands little white dick for so long. I'm excited about seeing your BBC & quickly ask you to get undressed. I'm surprised to discover your black penis is actually quite small. I'm so horny I decide to try sex with you anyway. At first I don't realize you've put it in & despite asking you to fuck me harder I get frustrated & tell you to stop. I then tell you to humiliate yourself by jerking off in front of me while I degrade you. (Excellent Small Penis Humiliation for anyone with a mini-dick but especially suited for black men into Interracial, SPH, Sexual Rejection, Masturbation Instruction, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI)
Length: 8 minutes

FemDom Therapist

mp4 431.39 MB

Custom request with the name "Mark" used. Attitude throughout is slightly arrogant, superior, but in a calm manner. Though unspoken, I am aware of your interest in my smooth, soft armpits. Throughout, I tease you with glimpses and say nothing but give knowing, condescending glances. I am your therapist. I tell you today I want to delve into sexual issues because these are at the root of everything else. I always knew you were a beta male, today I'm going expose you for this. I tell you to undress while I coolly judge and critique your body, amused. I tell you that your physique is okay, and you're cute enough, but women don’t want cute, they want tall and muscular alphas, manly men who know what they want and take it. You must accept becoming a cuckold. I mock you for having a pencil dick, not tiny really, but skinny and inadequate. I order you to masturbate while making you repeat humiliating statements. I order you to ejaculate on the floor then lick it clean.
Length: 15 minutes

Small Penis Rejection

mp4 222.14 MB

This guy arranged for a couple of escorts to come to his hotel room. Things are going well until he takes his pants off and the two start laughing at his ridiculous dicklet. It shrinks even further as they say a condom wouldn't even stay on that little thing. After a lot of cruel humiliation the ladies just leave with the money & head to the hotel bar to look for real men with real cocks. (Click to see more of Miss Jasmine)
Length: 7 minutes

Chastity Cruelty

mp4 320.44 MB

Wow. Just wow. if you're into intense, sensual orgasm denial, it's hard to top this. A sexy blow job with lots of tongue & spit...ACTUAL FUCKING of your cock while locked in a chastity cage. Feeling my mouth & pussy against the sensitive, swollen flesh pushing out through the spaces in the cage...ball licking...Jesus H. Christ.
Length: 11 minutes

Sad Limp Wank

mp4 153.66 MB

Condescending & dismissive...I make fun of you while you jerk your little flaccid penis. Your useless dicklet doesn't even get fully hard. You're not even close to a real man. You have no hope of ever pleasing a woman. Alone, jerking to porn, this is your sex life. You disgust me.
Length: 5 minutes