Auntie Teaches

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How embarrassing! Getting caught jerking off by your hot Aunt. What's worse is that she notices your poor technique: fast and hard. She doesn't want you to grow up to be a bad lover so she decides to show you a thing or two. She teaches you about a lighter touch (slow & teasing) and explains that you need to learn a gentle touch to please a woman. She teaches you about self control so you can hold off cumming until the woman is satisfied (no one likes a premature ejaculator!) bringing you right to the edge and then easing off. Her french manicured nails and sexy cleavage drive you crazy but you try very hard to learn everything she's teaching you. Finally when release is permitted she shows you how to slow down as you're starting to cum to prolong your orgasm. You're lucky to have such a smart and caring Auntie and you wonder if the future will hold more 'lessons'?
Length: 15 minutes