MILF's Foot Boy

mp4 165.31 MB

If you love 'fam' fantasy and/or feet, you'll love this sensual but strict Jerk Off Instruction. Trust me, my sweet boy: "MILF" knows best.
Length: 8 minutes

Bedtime Jerk Off For MILF's Friend

mp4 240.38 MB

This is a sweet & sensual JERK OFF INSTRUCTION for my MILF's boy. Light teasing / humiliation. Let's get all those cummies out so you can relax & go to bed! (Click to go to Alexandra Snow's clips store)
Length: 8 minutes

Lucky To Be At Our Feet

mp4 193.45 MB

You are very lucky to be kneeling at our feet, close enough to sniff, kiss, lick, suck and worship our superior feet. Samantha's gorgeous size 8's with bright pink nails and my tiny size 4 feet with nearly black nail polish. (Click to go to Goddess Samantha's clips store)
Length: 6 minutes

Oral Training From MILF

mp4 298.28 MB

I learned that you've been bullied at school & I ask what it was about. I finally draw it out of you that the boys from gym class were making fun of your penis size. I ask you to pull it out so I can examine it. It is small but I wonder if it's maybe a grower so I ask you to make it erect for me. I give you some eye candy to help you along. Fully erect it's still disappointing. I realize you're going to have to learn good oral skills to please a woman & proceed to instruct you in oral worship and allow you to have an orgasm to make the whole experience less stressful. *Light small penis humiliation* by loving but strict MILF.
Length: 11 minutes

MILF and Friends

mp4 185.79 MB

You're awoken by the sound of ladies giggling and talking coming from your MILF's get up and start to snoop but MILF hears you and calls you in...there's pretty Mommie with two of her super pretty friends! They gently tease you when they notice your little erection and realize you're not going to be able to get back to bed until you have an orgasm. MILF tells a couple of embarrassing stories about you as they all encourage you to play with yourself in front of're told to sniff Mommies friends pantyhose covered feet and to sniff her panties...then to kiss and lick her other friends perfect get to nuzzle those beautiful breasts and Mommie gives you a hand to put you over the edge... More of Domina Snow: - More of Sarah Blake:
Length: 6 minutes

Give Me An Orgasm

mp4 366.6 MB

This is a CUCKOLDING themed vid BUT for those of you who have been requesting a 'softer' vid without the 'fetish' stuff, this is about as close as you'll get. I'm speaking to you, my cuckold husband, telling you about my night out with another man. I show you the creampie and tell you to clean it up while getting me off one more time. I have a 100% REAL ORGASM in this vid. Not a porn vid pretend one.
Length: 12 minutes

Jerk It For ***s Friend 2

wmv 282.55 MB

Are you going to be a good boy for MILF? I'm going to show my sexy girlfriend how well trained you are. You're going to jerk off and cum exactly as I say while she watches.
Length: 8 minutes

Jerk It For Coach T

wmv 172.64 MB

If you ever had a crush on your gym teacher, coach, school teacher, etc. you'll enjoy this twisted, perverted JERK OFF ENCOURAGEMENT. As your hot coach I guide you to 'release' before the big game. Drop your shorts and start stroking it, in front of me and your team mates...
Length: 5 minutes

Girly Dress Up With MILF

wmv 341.64 MB

Domme MILF is having the girls over tonight and I want you to feel included in the fun...and I want you to amuse my friends. I've picked out some special girly things for you to wear: garters & stockings, frilly panties, a lacy top and a fun frilly skirt. I'm also going to apply some slutty red lipstick on you and a squirt of MILF's perfume. I know you love the way MILF smells! Us girls have some naughty plans for you tonight and you'll go along with whatever we want to do...a little spanking, maybe putting things in your little boy-pussy-hole...but I don't want any messy accidents so you're going to masturbate for me right now, all dressed up, wearing my lipstick & perfume while worshiping MILF's feet...
Length: 9 minutes

Auntie Teaches

wmv 551.41 MB

How embarrassing! Getting caught jerking off by your hot Aunt. What's worse is that she notices your poor technique: fast and hard. She doesn't want you to grow up to be a bad lover so she decides to show you a thing or two. She teaches you about a lighter touch (slow & teasing) and explains that you need to learn a gentle touch to please a woman. She teaches you about self control so you can hold off cumming until the woman is satisfied (no one likes a premature ejaculator!) bringing you right to the edge and then easing off. Her french manicured nails and sexy cleavage drive you crazy but you try very hard to learn everything she's teaching you. Finally when release is permitted she shows you how to slow down as you're starting to cum to prolong your orgasm. You're lucky to have such a smart and caring Auntie and you wonder if the future will hold more 'lessons'?
Length: 15 minutes