MILF's Sweaty Dirty Ass

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You're watching MILF get all sweaty while working out. She catches you and decides you should 'get right in there' if you're so curious about her sweat. You're so excited you don't even lose your woody when MILF farts right in your face...it actually turns you on! You're ordered to sniff & lick MILF's sweaty ass while she guides you to jerk off and cum for her. Fam FANTASY! Lots of close-up ASSHOLE views. NOTE: This vid contains 2 small 100% real farts. If you're not into farts they are really an insignificant part of the vid, NOT the focus. They are the type of natural farts that do come with the territory though. If you want your face in my ass all the time eventually you're going to experience a fart up close & personal.
Length: 8 minutes