Pure...or Pure Evil?

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I look like such a nice girl, don't I? I bet you're wondering why I was at church all by myself today. I know you were having impure thoughts. I know you were wondering what it would be like to fuck a lady like me...(a lady in the streets, a whore in the sheets?). Maybe I was at church looking for a guy like you. A guy who doesn't do so well with the ladies. A guy who goes to church but watches porn at home. The kind of guy who would do just about anything to fuck a lady like me...
Length: 8 minutes

Invalid Hubby's New Hell

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I'm speaking to you, my husband. You have been in a car accident and you're now and invalid. You're able to see, hear, feel, even get an erection and cum...but you can't move and you can't speak. The accident was caused by your bimbo mistress who was giving you a blow job while you were driving. She didn't survive the accident but I discovered that you had been cheating on me for awhile. The doctors advised me that you would need 'sexual releases' for your health and sanity. As your wife I'm expected to jerk you off, to do my wifely duty since you can't do it for yourself. MY REVENGE? For cheating on me, your new hell will be me teasing you daily, getting your cock rock hard, bringing you right to the edge of orgasm but never letting you cum!
Length: 10 minutes