MILF Sweet Sex Coaching

mp4 395.98 MB

For my boys...your hot, loving MILF is back to coach you through your sexual exploration. So naughty ...but you love it. xo
Length: 13 minutes

Orgasm Control Training For Hogtied Slave

mp4 427.69 MB

A long, slow tease...lots of build up...those balls aching for release...all tied up with ZERO control...you are mine to do with as I please. That pussy & ass right over your face...taunting you, toying with you....until you EXPLODE!
Length: 14 minutes

New Cuckold Life

mp4 184.54 MB

"I've decided to have sex with other men, better lovers...& because you're a premature ejaculator, I'm going to keep you locked up in chastity & control your orgasms. I'll let you cum one last time before I lock your dick & balls up...maybe if you show me you can last & not cum too quickly you can convince me I don't need to look elsewhere for sexual satisfaction..."
Length: 9 minutes

Pussy Worship Conditioning

mp4 223.56 MB

It's all part of your training...mind control...you'll worship my pussy while I tease you, edge you & eventually let you have an orgasm... You'll learn to be dedicated to my pussy...
Length: 7 minutes

New Stable Pet

mp4 216.77 MB

This is one of those special vids where if you don't like the story line you can just turn the volume down & you'll just get beautiful visuals of me playing with a slave, teasing his cock, fucking him & milking him. ~~~ The story line is that YOU are a new stable pet. As part of your training you need to learn to suck cock, whether you want to or not. Maybe one day you'll be used sexually like this stud, one of my favorite pets, for now you'll be cuckolded & taught how to suck cock for me.
Length: 9 minutes

Huge Fucking Cumshot!

mp4 336.34 MB

This is a sensual, playful handjob vid with lots of teasing, a bit of face sitting & a MONSTER CUM SHOT!!! ~~~~~ This is the guy who comes like a fire hose from "Buckets of Cum!", "Milked By a Dominant Nurse", "Sucker For Sisters Feet", "Cum Drenched Cuckold" & "Foot Fetish Handjob".
Length: 11 minutes

You Are Addicted

wmv 372.25 MB

This is a 'lighter' vid for my fans who aren't into heavy humiliation or some of the more extreme stuff I do. It is heavy on mind-fuckery, seduction, teasing, incredible views of my womanly figure in a sexy fishnet body stocking...my pretty feet, my gorgeous ass... I know that many of you feel like you're addicted to me...that I'm your secret Mistress. You have watched many of my vids, you adore every inch of me, you love the sound of my voice...this vid will only feed your addiction and take you deeper...but you wouldn't even dream of resisting, now would you?

Pure...or Pure Evil?

wmv 305.16 MB

I look like such a nice girl, don't I? I bet you're wondering why I was at church all by myself today. I know you were having impure thoughts. I know you were wondering what it would be like to fuck a lady like me...(a lady in the streets, a whore in the sheets?). Maybe I was at church looking for a guy like you. A guy who doesn't do so well with the ladies. A guy who goes to church but watches porn at home. The kind of guy who would do just about anything to fuck a lady like me...
Length: 8 minutes

Used and Abused Part 1

wmv 330.25 MB

Watch the journey of a slave's first experience with me, Mistress T. I'm a real Dominant Goddess, not just some girl pretending to be one. He is a real guy who paid to serve me in NY. Not an actor. This series documents his afternoon with me. No scripting. As I do with most of my sessions I simply ask for their list of hard limits and a list of their interests and do what I feel like within those parameters. I test boundaries, I train, I punish, I reward...and I ALWAYS have a great time, because it's about me after all! (Part 1 is mostly foot worship, intense teasing, nipple torture and a little ass kissing.)
Length: 9 minutes

Dangling Jerk Off Instruction

wmv 268.61 MB

This is a sassy school girl clip featuring a lot of shoe dangling, teasing and jerk off instruction. I catch you perving on my dangling and decide to toy with you. I tell you that I'm going to come to school every day from now on and make you milk yourself while I tease you with my sexy shoes. Whether your weakness is for bratty school girls controlling you or shoes/dangling, this clip will cause you to empty your balls over and over again.
Length: 7 minutes