Atone For Your Sins

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Custom vid, no name mentioned.

I am a pillar of the community & respected head of the church. I've called you into my office to assign punishment for the offense of objectifying women. A married woman from the congregation complained you hit on her at a bar.

As punishment you will experience what it is like to be objectified. You will serve her husband, the man you attempted to cuckold by trying to fuck his wife. You will be locked in chastity, dressed as a sissy maid & used by him sexually whenever he wants. You'll suck his cock, drink his cum, rim his asshole. You'll do this in front of his wife, me, his friends and if his friends want to join in all the better as the more you atone for your sins the better chance of Gods forgiveness.

I tell you to strip naked in front of me and jerk off to ejaculation as I describe what it will be like to be a used, objectified slut. I need your dick completely flaccid to get the chastity device on, so you can either cum now or I'll beat your cock & balls with my bible until you're so flaccid you slip into the cage.

I tell you that I may even video tape you sucking cock and licking man ass while dressed as a sissy maid to show to the younger congregation, to teach them a lesson on consequences for actions, on the pitfalls of sinning.

Length: 16 minutes

My Boy Won't Be Gay

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To ensure her boy doesn't grow up to be a homosexual, a strict, church-going "MILF" takes matters into her own hands. A little bit of disciplinary spanking puts her boy in his place before she shows him how good it can feel to cum by a woman's hand.
Length: 13 minutes

Religious Therapy For Closeted Republicans

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You don't have to be a religious or a Republican to enjoy this vid. You could be a Conservative...or any guy with conservative leanings who secretly craves kinky adventures or is haunted by thoughts of sucking cock. If you are religious, even better. If you oppose gay marriage than this vid is a must-have. If you just like to jerk off to a woman coaching you to learn to suck cock well and take it in the ass...well, you've probably already hit the "BUY NOW" button.
Length: 14 minutes

Pure...or Pure Evil?

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I look like such a nice girl, don't I? I bet you're wondering why I was at church all by myself today. I know you were having impure thoughts. I know you were wondering what it would be like to fuck a lady like me...(a lady in the streets, a whore in the sheets?). Maybe I was at church looking for a guy like you. A guy who doesn't do so well with the ladies. A guy who goes to church but watches porn at home. The kind of guy who would do just about anything to fuck a lady like me...
Length: 8 minutes