interracial humiliation

Superior White Rich Lady Cock

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This is a custom vid, no name mentioned. Equestrian attire. I've just been out riding, as wealthy ladies it's time for you to worship my huge white cock. You need to practice sucking cock (and eating your own cum!) because you will soon have to suck lots of cocks. NOTE: a few "N" bombs. It's great for black men wanting to submit to a Superior White Goddess...but really, any guy into sucking dick could have a merry wank to this.
Length: 10 minutes

Only Half Black

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Whether you're into seeing me with a black guy OR you're into interracial humiliation there is something here for you. The slave is half black/half white. He thinks he's black enough & big enough to provide the BBC I've been hunting for. He's pretty big, but not big enough...& not black enough so I tease him sensually & humiliate him for not measuring up. Eventually he can't take it anymore & blows his load proving that he wouldn't have enough stamina for me either. Great POV CUM EATING INSTRUCTION ending.
Length: 11 minutes


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* * * Interracial humiliation! * * * Some slaves are so worthless that they can only be used as a object. Something to degrade for my amusement. I enjoy really rubbing it in a slave's face that he'll never know how it feels to fuck me...with a mouth gag/dildo harness this black slave watches a white cock stretch & fill my pussy like his little black dicklet could never do.
Length: 4 minutes