Black Cuckold Sucks White Dick

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Warning: This vid includes verbal racial humiliation play & frequent use of the "N" word. This vid also includes a bonus interview at the end discussing race play & the use of such terminology.

Length: 13 minutes

Suck Cock For White Bitch Boss

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Jobs are hard to come by in this economy & sometimes you have to go the extra mile to get & keep a job. This new employee has a meeting with his new boss that takes a surprising turn. She reveals that she likes to use her employees for her personal pleasure & was excited about having a new strong, black buck in the company. When she discovers he's not very well-endowed she decides that he would be better used as the company cocksucker. He can give blowjobs to the employees who have earned a reward. She tests him out right then & there, bringing in one of the sweaty warehouse guys who was quite happy to get a treat. Down on his knees, sucking that white dick with his big, fat lips, being bossed around & humiliated...this is his new life. It wasn't even taken into consideration that he was straight & had never sucked dick before. It didn't even matter to his bitch boss. (Light race play)

Length: 8 minutes

Tribute Superior White Goddess

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This video is specifically designed for black slaves who worship white Goddess's. Warning: Non-politically correct terms used.
Length: 6 minutes.

Dumb Black Slave Degraded & Ruined

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This vid has heavy RACE-PLAY including derogatory terms/names. (Disclaimer: It's a fantasy I'm happy to role-play for those into this does not reflect my true feelings & I do not promote hate or discrimination.)
Length: 9 minutes