Encouraged Ejaculation

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Do you have a GUILTY CONSCIENCE??? Did you fuck up? Did you do something you know was wrong? Of course you did! And I know what you did. This is where it all ends. Enough of your games. My actions may seem over-kiill but we all want to make sure you get the message loud and clear. Listen carefully: you are going to jerk off in this condom, right now. If you don't do it: I'll slice your dick off. Once I have your cum: you're done. If you ever even think about getting up to your old tricks you'll be framed for sexual assault using your cum. We've been watching you for a long time and we will continue to monitor your every move: every email, every phone conversation, everywhere you go...if you thought you were paranoid, you weren't. You have no idea how many eyes are on you. So do as I say, jerk off in this condom and then be a good boy from now on.
Length: 10 minutes