Masturbation Instruction

Feet Make You Weak

mp4 226.55 MB

My shiny, oiled size 4 petite feet drive you crazy...don't they? Do you think you'll be able to last until the end of this MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION clip? With those amazing visuals and my velvety, commanding voice encouraging you along...
Length: 8 minutes

Storytime At My Feet

mp4 155.44 MB

What would it be like to serve me in real life? There would be quiet, intimate times when you would kneel on the floor and lovingly sniff, kiss & massage my feet. This is one of those nicer moments, when you've been a good boy & have earned some reward. I read you an erotic story and then instruct you to masturbate while worshiping my feet. Your adoration and devotion deepens...
Length: 5 minutes

Cuckold Humiliation

mp4 187.5 MB

Custom: The first part is me talking to you, my husband. I tell you that I think your fetishes are hot. I love to sit on your face while wearing panties...I love that you are aroused by wearing my panties. I give you a pair of white ones to put on and model for me. I encourage you to jerk off wearing them while I watch...The 2nd part is me in bed with my lover laughing at you. Me telling him about your stupid fetishes and how I pretend to be into them. My lover and I laugh at you and make fun of you (voyeur style as if you're not there).
Length: 6 minutes

Lick MILF's Pussy

mp4 406.71 MB

This is a CUSTOM request: (I do not use a name so anyone can enjoy this). I catch you, my boy, jerking off with my panties on your face. I confront you and give you hell but notice that your dick remains hard even though you're embarrassed. I figure out that if you're sniffing & licking the crotch of my dirty panties you must really want to lick my pussy. I tease you with this, knowing the power I have over you. I tell you that I'll let you lick my pussy only AFTER you learn to be a perfect cocksucker. You'll practice on my dildo first, I'll train you, then you'll suck my boyfriends cock. You'll have to learn to be a cum guzzler too so I tell you to imagine you're cumming all over MILF's sweet cunt to help you eat your own cum after you ejaculate. Lots of beautiful CLOSE PUSSY VIEWS. This is a Fam fantasy MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with PUSSY TEASING, COCK SUCKING TRAINING/ENCOURAGED BI & CUM EATING INSTRUCTION!
Length: 14 minutes

MILF's Home

mp4 255.45 MB

This clip is for my special adult MILF's boys and MILF fans. MILF loves you.
Length: 8 minutes

Cum For MILFs Friend

mp4 335.85 MB

Featuring my very good friend Samantha Mack! (Samantha's clip store: Samantha & I tease my boy after catching him playing with himself. We encourage him to continue and show us how much he can cum for us. I tug & twist his balls reminding him that he has to suffer a little to earn his pleasure. I tease him about having a crush on Samantha and humiliate him by telling her that I caught him sniffing her dirty socks one day. She puts her feet right on his face and he blows his little load!
Length: 11 minutes

Game Day 2

mp4 382.81 MB

It's time to play your favorite game again today! I tease you mercilessly with my feet and body. We'll play lots of 'stop & go' as I guide you through a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. Will you be given permission to cum at the end or will you be denied? There's only one way to find out...
Length: 13 minutes

Sensual Entrancement

mp4 539.23 MB

This is a relaxing, sensuous, intense MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. Complete escapism. You will feel more peaceful & positive after being taken on an intimate journey with me....deeper....deeper... Designed to make you feel like I am right there with convincing you will swear you feel my warmth, my touch, my pussy wrapped around your cock...
Length: 19 minutes

Man Meats Last Orgasm

mp4 357.96 MB

Custom request: You are tied to a chair. I'm fresh out of the shower, towel in my hair, rubbing lotion all over my body. I'm telling you that I've decided to serve YOU as the main course for my guests tonight...but if you can resist getting an erection I'll consider using one of the other slaves instead. I tease you a little & of course you can't hide your arousal. I decide to stroke you off one last time as I put a plastic bag over your head...
Length: 12 minutes

Erotic Assassin 2

mp4 362.16 MB

You are an inspector who has finally tracked down the serial assassin (me) who uses her charms to trap & off her victims. You may have been clever enough to find me, but will you be able to resist my femme fatal seduction? You are just a 'man' after all...and EVERY man has his weaknesses......
Length: 12 minutes