Erotic Assassins: Triple Threat

mp4 181.47 MB

The vicious Lexi Sindel & Mina Thorne team up with me for triple the power & triple the fun (for US!)
Length: 6 minutes

Erotic Assassin Strikes Again

mp4 307.13 MB

You see that I've come for YOU now. You know you should run, but for some reason you can't look away. You're immediately entranced as I tease and toy with you like a cat playing with a mouse. You know none of my targets have survived to reveal my secrets...yet each victim was found with a smile on their face. You're curious, aren't you? Don't you see? It's already begun. You can't escape...but it's a hell of a way to go...
Length: 10 minutes

New Slave Tested & Milked

mp4 300.19 MB

Nikki & I enjoy a new plaything. This one confessed a fetish for smothering & scissoring. I'm more interested in testing him out as a sex slave. I sensually manipulate his cock to see how it performs...how erect it gets, how long it takes him to ejaculate and how much he ejaculates. This is a prolonged tease vid with bondage, facesitting, smothering (HOM/hand-over-mouth with gloves & ass smothering), scissoring & a sensual handjob with cum shot.

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Length: 10 minutes

Evil Nurses Medical Uncare

mp4 259.1 MB

You awake groggily in the hospital to see the hot nurse who flirted with you earlier. It seems like a dream. She teases you...says an orgasm is Doctors orders...strips off her moist panties for you to sniff & while she strokes your cock...oh, just a little paperwork to sign first? Hell, you'd sign anything right now, you're half out of it and more turned on than you ever remember...you get to cum on her panties while looking at that incredible ass & pussy....it's soooo HOT! Then her demeanor changes as she informs you that you've signed everything over to her in the event you don't make it out of the hospital. Your cum is the last thing you taste as she stuffs her panties into your mouth and presses her latex gloved hands over your nose & mouth to completely take your breath away...it's lights out for you sucker...
Length: 9 minutes

Hand-Over-Mouth Glove Fetish

mp4 489.37 MB

Imaginative title, eh? Well, there's no real story line here...it's just a collage of hand-over-mouth scenes with gloves. I shouldn't say 'just' since this is probably the best-fucking-thing EVER for someone with a glove fetish or HOM fetish, right? 8 (not 7) different pairs of gloves: black leather, pink leather, brown leather, red PVC, white sheer, black fingerless gloves, blue medical rubber gloves and clear medical latex gloves. Holy hannah, right? You get close up views of the gloves in addition to seeing me do a variety of positions of hand-over-mouth. Giddy-up!
Length: 16 minutes

Erotic Milking

wmv 113.61 MB

Quick & Dirty. No fucking around with story lines. No filler. Not a second you'll want to fast-forward through. All jerking with wide and close views. A little BOOT DOMINATION + HAND-OVER-MOUTH. Awesome cum shot is shown in normal view then close-up in slow motion. Highly recommended for fans of ENCOURAGED MALE ORGASMS by DOMINANT FEMALES.
Length: 3 minutes

Latex Glove Encouraged Milking

wmv 261.96 MB

The title pretty much says it all: HANDJOB + glove FETISH + latex/RUBBER/PVC FETISH + BONDAGE + HAND-OVER-MOUTH.
Length: 7 minutes

Rubber Goddess Strikes Again

wmv 266.84 MB

Dressed in sexy fetish rubber attire, including latex opera length gloves this diabolical Goddess gets you into a predicament that you can't get out of (or wouldn't even if you could?). She wants your cum and your helpless to resist.
Length: 7 minutes

Seductive Interrogation

wmv 393.24 MB

Femme Fatale fans will love me as a lethally hot spy with unique interrogation techniques. You have information I want and I will get it out of you, I promise. I know that you've been trained to withstand painful torture and you're even immune to truth serum. But everyone has a weakness. I know your secrets. You should never have engaged in hypno therapy with your therapist...now I know what you crave, what's missing from your marriage with your boring wife...I know about your little fetishes...I am going to exploit them all and use them to extract the information I want out of you like squeezing a lemon for juice.
Length: 11 minutes

Encouraged Ejaculation

wmv 353.65 MB

Do you have a GUILTY CONSCIENCE??? Did you fuck up? Did you do something you know was wrong? Of course you did! And I know what you did. This is where it all ends. Enough of your games. My actions may seem over-kiill but we all want to make sure you get the message loud and clear. Listen carefully: you are going to jerk off in this condom, right now. If you don't do it: I'll slice your dick off. Once I have your cum: you're done. If you ever even think about getting up to your old tricks you'll be framed for sexual assault using your cum. We've been watching you for a long time and we will continue to monitor your every move: every email, every phone conversation, everywhere you go...if you thought you were paranoid, you weren't. You have no idea how many eyes are on you. So do as I say, jerk off in this condom and then be a good boy from now on.
Length: 10 minutes