medical clinic

Latex Glove Addiction Therapy

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. You have an unhealthy obsession with latex gloves so you've decided to seek therapy for your addiction. Today your therapist will have you do some work on self awareness & negative association. You'll be asked to do a body scan to notice where in your body you have a reaction to the gloves, not just your penis but if you have physical feelings in your stomach, throat, etc. If you feel your heart beat speed up or if you start to perspire. You'll be asked to rate your arousal on a scale of 1 to 10. Today is mostly about observation. You'll be asked to observe the therapist putting on the gloves, giving them a nice shine & describing touching you with the gloves...sensually & clinically exploring your arousal. You'll be manipulated to a very high state of arousal then denied to introduce negative association to help you break your addiction.

Length: 14 minutes

Sexual Health Clinical Test

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If you have a fetish for medical themed scenarios or medical latex gloves you'll enjoy this kinky sexual health examination...medical professional demeanor with a FemDom focus of learning to serve & please women.


Length: 8 minutes

Medical Exam Turns Humiliating

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A patient comes in for some medical advice for some sexual health issues & gets a doctor who perhaps takes more pleasure in humiliating her vulnerable patients than actually helping them...

Length: 18 minutes


Therapist Cuckolding Brainwashing

mp4 265.09 MB

Your wife has asked you to see a special couples counselor/relationship therapist to help you save your marriage. Your wife wants to fuck black men. She wants you to be okay with this, even turned on by it. She wants to cuckold you. This therapy session will help you to adjust to this new reality as your arousal is controlled by the therapist as you watch a home movie of your wife fucking a black bull..

Length: 9 minutes

Cuck Hubby Conditioning

mp4 449.32 MB

Your wife has sent you to a special clinic to help with your marriage. You're not sure what to expect but the therapist/nurse is pretty hot. You soon learn that your wife intends to turn you into her cuckold! This session is to warm you up to the idea. It's all actually pretty exciting...the therapist seductively describes scenarios where your wife is getting pleasured by other men, men with bigger cocks, black men, multiple men...while stroking you with those skilled gloved hands. Before you know it you are so turned on you blow your load thinking about your cheating wife cuckolding're fucked now!
Length: 15 minutes

Lab Tests

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Clinical trials continue on our specimens. Results are recorded. Specimens are thoroughly examined, tested & drained. When they are used up and no longer of value they are discarded...
Length: 10 minutes

Premature Ejaculation Clinic Humiliation

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You come into a clinic to get assistance for issues with premature ejaculation. The whole appointment is a nightmare. The doctor is hot, which doesn't help, even though she's professional. Those medical gloves drive you crazy too. She seems nice, even warm in some moments but slightly cruel & cold in others. Of course you blow your load when she has barely touched you & she cruelly humiliates you for it!
Length: 18 minutes

Milked Drained Used

mp4 372.4 MB

Treated like beasts, only useful for their seed, milked until they're used up & then discarded. In a world where men only have worth as long as they are producing what we need...the milk that makes our female species stronger.
Length: 13 minutes

Medical Test Explosion

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There's an explosive finish for this fella who came for a standard medical exam...
Length: 6 minutes

Medical Clinic Orgasm Therapy

mp4 311.5 MB

A medical clinic fantasy come true! A hot MILF therapist examines your penis for sexual function & orgasm control. Professional demeanor & proper terms (like penis & ejaculation)...sexual coaching, sex ed & a medical exam that will leave your knees weak. Purple latex medical gloves!
Length: 12 minutes