Evil Nurses Medical Uncare

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You awake groggily in the hospital to see the hot nurse who flirted with you earlier. It seems like a dream. She teases you...says an orgasm is Doctors orders...strips off her moist panties for you to sniff & while she strokes your cock...oh, just a little paperwork to sign first? Hell, you'd sign anything right now, you're half out of it and more turned on than you ever get to cum on her panties while looking at that incredible ass &'s soooo HOT! Then her demeanor changes as she informs you that you've signed everything over to her in the event you don't make it out of the hospital. Your cum is the last thing you taste as she stuffs her panties into your mouth and presses her latex gloved hands over your nose & mouth to completely take your breath's lights out for you sucker...
Length: 9 minutes

Therapist Prepares You For Cuckolding

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Your new place in life is as a cuckold. This is a big challenging for you but a special, skilled therapist can help you to find comfort in this role. Manually manipulating your penis with latex gloved hands the therapist's velvety voice describes your wife getting fucked by another man & ensures that you find it arousing. A bit of mind fucking & you'll be the best cuckold a hotwife could ever want.
Length: 15 minutes

Premature Ejaculation Clinic Humiliation

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You come into a clinic to get assistance for issues with premature ejaculation. The whole appointment is a nightmare. The doctor is hot, which doesn't help, even though she's professional. Those medical gloves drive you crazy too. She seems nice, even warm in some moments but slightly cruel & cold in others. Of course you blow your load when she has barely touched you & she cruelly humiliates you for it!
Length: 18 minutes

Medical Clinic Orgasm Therapy

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A medical clinic fantasy come true! A hot MILF therapist examines your penis for sexual function & orgasm control. Professional demeanor & proper terms (like penis & ejaculation)...sexual coaching, sex ed & a medical exam that will leave your knees weak. Purple latex medical gloves!
Length: 12 minutes

Black Bull Humiliating Initiation

mp4 440.38 MB

Not all hot, hung black men can perform as bulls. Testing is rigorous & they don't all measure up. This cocky stud thought he could do the job but he fails to perform quite to my high standard...leaving him humiliated & humbled. (If you like interracial play & hand jobs, this is a great vid...the humiliation aspect is on the sensual light/teasing side & mostly at the end. There is a cum shot but it is inadequate because he excitedly & stupidly jerked off shortly before, which is mainly why I humiliate him.)
Length: 15 minutes

Medical Clinic Ejaculation Test

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The good Doctor will give you a thorough examination to ensure everything is working properly...if you pass this test you might even have an opportunity to be a part of an enticing clinical trial involving more in depth interaction with your sexy Doc. ~~~ Features: Professional, conservative demeanor & proper medical terms rather than slang. Latex gloves & an impressive ejaculation.
Length: 15 minutes

Sexual Function Medical Exam

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A young man comes to a doctor for an exam. She asks questions about his sexual health, his masturbation habits, his ejaculations, etc. A prostate exam is done. An ejaculation must produced and the good doctor administers the procedure. (This is a conservative medical themed hand job video using professional medical "penis" & "ejaculation" & latex medical gloves.)
Length: 14 minutes

Medical Test (Hand Job)

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Women want virile men with large cocks who can get hard, stay hard & ejaculate on command. I conduct medical tests to assess the virility of men, to see if they're worthy...
Length: 6 minutes