Therapist Cuckolding Brainwashing

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Your wife has asked you to see a special couples counselor/relationship therapist to help you save your marriage. Your wife wants to fuck black men. She wants you to be okay with this, even turned on by it. She wants to cuckold you. This therapy session will help you to adjust to this new reality as your arousal is controlled by the therapist as you watch a home movie of your wife fucking a black bull..

Length: 9 minutes

Counselors Small Penis Humiliation

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This is a custom vid for Stephen & I say his name several times throughout the vid...but you can enjoy this even if you're name isn't Stephen. Here's the outline: "I'm a high school student you are a school counselor. I go to see you because somebody pulled my pants down as a prank at a pool party and the hot girls in my class saw my small penis. You are really nice & sweet about it and try to reassure me that it was probably cold water & that young women can be cruel etc. You get me to show you my penis so you can reassure me that its all in my head. You ask to see it erect so you can properly judge it. You admit to me that it is smaller than average. You take pity on me and let me masturbate in front of you. I ask you if you'd be interested in someone like me and you turn from nice to real bitch laying on SPH insults going on about your lovers huge cock & comparing the two. You do a tease showing of your ass, mocking me. Showing your tits saying how your small my cock would look in between them. Eventually you show your pussy by taking your panties off but leaving a short skirt on. I cum, you say how pathetic i am for not holding out. You mock my cock as the cum drips down it and it shrinks even smaller. You make me to lick my cum up laughing at me calling me your bitch. The End"
Length: 10 minutes