Panties For MILFs Boy

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It's intimate dress-up time with MILF! I've noticed my panties have been stretched out. My MILF's boy has been trying on my lingerie! It's okay, MILF loves you so she's picked up some things in your size and will show you how to get dressed up pretty like MILF. Things get a little naughty and dirty as usual and MILF promises you'll cum in your panties watching this.
Length: 13 minutes

Panty Lovers Dream

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I've had a few requests for clips of me modeling panties. That's fine but I decided to add a little Bitch Princess magic to that basic request and add my smokin' hot girlfriend Samantha and a pair of my very worn, dirty panties. If you're an ass worshiper or if you like panties, dirty or clean, this clips for you. (Cuckolds will enjoy me telling you 'how' my panties got so dirty...a well fucked, cum filled pussy tends to make a real mess of panties...*smile*)