Sissy Slut Cums While Sucking Cock

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My sissy slut is being trained to LOVE sucking cock. Part of the brain washing is making her have an orgasm with a cock in her mouth. This is her FIRST TIME cumming while sucking dick! She's not a pro yet as she'll need to learn to suck cock proficiently even when sexually excited. Practice, practice!

Length: 10 minutes

You Are A Sissy Cocksucker!

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. Face it, this is what you were born to do. You need to suck cock. Not only that, you need to get dressed up like a sissy & suck cock. I want you to get all dolled up, put on something that makes you feel sexy, do your make-up, maybe put on a wig & go to a bar or club that is TGirl friendly. I want you to seduce a man or allow yourself to be seduced. I'll show you how to use your body language in a feminine, sensual way. I'll walk you through enticing a man...then I'll instruct you on how to give a really good blow job. You're going to be a good sissy whore for me.
Length: 12 minutes

Humiliating Cock Sucking Training For Sissy

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I'm turning my cuckold husband into a sissy. He's going to learn to be a good cocksucker for fluff my lovers cocks & then I'll pimp him out. I've invited my friend Nikki over to see what has become of my husband & to assist me in the training. He'll need to learn to suck more than one cock at once so we have him practice going back & forth servicing both of our cocks. My young, hot lover watches and laughs adding to the humiliation. (Click to see more of Nikki Whiplash)
Length: 11 minutes

MILF's Sissy boy

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MILF is here. Before you go off to school we need to get rid of that bulge in your panties. We don't want anyone to get suspicious of that big clitty of yours. I always wanted a girl & you look so pretty dressed up in your girly cloths with a bit of make-up. MILF's special, pretty girl. Just relax, MILF's expert hands in those leather gloves you love will do the job in no time. Let's empty those balls...that's MILF's good girl...
Length: 10 minutes

Humiliated Sissy boy

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Sidonia & Amica join me to see my boy off to his first day of school as a GIRL. I've always wanted a daughter so I decide to dress him up in something pretty. Before his big day we decide to milk him so he won't get an embarrassing bulge under his skirt. Can you imagine, being dressed like that in front of MILF'S pretty friends, then exposed and jerked to release?! How humiliating! (See more of Sidonia Von Bork from The English Mansion here: The English Mansion ) ~~~ (See more of Amica Bentley here: KinkyDirtyBitch)
Length: 6 minutes

Girly Dress Up With MILF

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Domme MILF is having the girls over tonight and I want you to feel included in the fun...and I want you to amuse my friends. I've picked out some special girly things for you to wear: garters & stockings, frilly panties, a lacy top and a fun frilly skirt. I'm also going to apply some slutty red lipstick on you and a squirt of MILF's perfume. I know you love the way MILF smells! Us girls have some naughty plans for you tonight and you'll go along with whatever we want to do...a little spanking, maybe putting things in your little boy-pussy-hole...but I don't want any messy accidents so you're going to masturbate for me right now, all dressed up, wearing my lipstick & perfume while worshiping MILF's feet...
Length: 9 minutes

Panties For MILFs Boy

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It's intimate dress-up time with MILF! I've noticed my panties have been stretched out. My MILF's boy has been trying on my lingerie! It's okay, MILF loves you so she's picked up some things in your size and will show you how to get dressed up pretty like MILF. Things get a little naughty and dirty as usual and MILF promises you'll cum in your panties watching this.
Length: 13 minutes

Goddess Party Part 3

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I just watched this clip again so I could write the description and I'm laughing so hard I can barely type. This clip includes more of Kristy abusing her slave as well as some hilarious cross dressing/slutty dancing scenes. A couple Goddess's take turns administering spankings. Kristy even makes her slave kiss the ass crack of another slave. Lots of laughter as the evening carries on getting more rowdy. Lots of humiliation and degradation.