Older Men/Younger Women

Your School Girl Addiction

wmv 268.02 MB

If you like school girls, little plaid skirts, while blouses, little white socks and that bratty attitude...you'll love this.
Length: 7 minutes

Girl Scout Tease

wmv 368.03 MB

Length: 10 minutes

Daddys Slutty Little Girl

wmv 260.73 MB

DIRTY PANTY ALERT! You're my perverted old Pa who I control with blackmail and your weaknesses. It amuses me to make you do dirty things. Today I've returned home wearing VERY dirty panties (CREAMPIE). I even made a little video to show you how I got them so dirty. You're going to watch that little video, clean those panties with your tongue and jerk off.
Length: 7 minutes

Jail Bait

wmv 294.41 MB

You're sentenced to life in prison and you'll never get pussy again. I've come to visit you in jail to increase your suffering by teasing and taunting you with my tight young body. ...oh, and for those not really behind bars, your life sentence is your stupid life and even if you do get pussy once in a blue moon from your boring wife you'll never get an exciting young thing like me so you might as well wank to this clip.
Length: 8 minutes

Slutty Virgin You Can't Have

wmv 330.28 MB

Slutty + Virgin? Yup, you know exactly what I mean. That naughty, manipulative, tight little brat who would rub her foot against your crotch and tease you to get what she wants but never let YOU be the one to take her virginity: gross! She knows how to play you, she knows she's the forbidden fruit and you wouldn't even be able to live with yourself if you did take things too far...buuuut that doesn't stop you from jerking off thinking about her, ALL THE TIME! Ha ha. In this clip she pretends to be innocent and wears the socks you bought her for 'ringette' while you film her. One thing leads to another and before you know it she's playing you for every dollar you have in your wallet just to see a little more of that forbidden fruit. She plays you like a chump but you don't care. You know that this footage will be priceless wank material later.