Teasing You In Chastity

mp4 220.22 MB

I do love to see you suffering with your cock & balls locked up in chastity. I love to tease you, exploiting your weaknesses as your sexual frustration grows. Hello blue balls *smile*.
Length: 7 minutes

Mistress T Addiction

mp4 207.92 MB

This is a sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, a seduction that will draw you deeper...your eyes drink in my beauty, you worship velvety voice entrances you...
Length: 7 minutes

Cum From The Lightest Touch

mp4 347.07 MB

A highly erotic & kinky scene combining Sensual Domination with FemDom Sex + bondage (a leather sack with only the genitals exposed), leather gloves & lingerie.
Length: 12 minutes

Sensual Jerk Off

mp4 314.24 MB

A sexy, sensual jerk off instruction for my addicted fans...lots of eye candy...butt lovers will be very happy...masturbation instruction, like I only I can do. Stroke along & cum exactly when I tell you to. Good boy.
Length: 10 minutes

Step MILF Double Jerk Off

mp4 448.14 MB

I'm your new Step MILF. While your Pa is out of town he has left me in charge of making sure you're up & ready for your first day at your new school. I understand that you may be distracted by the girls at school & it's important to me that you stay focused on your school work. Your Pa will be proud of you if you get good grades. I decide to help you stay focused by ensuring your balls are completely empty each morning. That's means that you'll jerk off TWICE while I tease you with my sexy body & sensually Dominant demeanor. You'll follow my instructions as I straddle your face, getting close enough for you to smell my feminine fragrance...this will be our little secret. It's taboo & unorthodox but I bet soon enough you'll only be able to cum looking at me, your step-MILF & other girls won't be a distraction at all...
Length: 15 minutes

You Crave Me

mp4 407.53 MB

This is a custom vid & I use the name 'Josh' several times. If your name is Josh you'll fucking LOVE this vid. Chances are you'll love this vid no matter what your name is. It's sensual & sexy as fuck. There's a small part where I tell you to suck my strap on but it's mostly a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with lots of hot visuals. (Includes a count down & permission to cum.)
Length: 14 minutes

Publicly Worship Our Shoes

mp4 145.24 MB

Domina Snow & I give you a taste of what it would feel like to worship us in a busy hotel lobby, where anyone could see you. Imagine humiliating yourself like that, for our amusement... (Click for more Alexandra Snow)
Length: 5 minutes

Sex Slave Interview

mp4 372.67 MB

So, you want to fuck me? You want to serve me sexually, please me and be a film slave? Let's see what you've got to offer. Let's see if you measure up.
Length: 12 minutes

Sensual Tease & Denial

mp4 526.93 MB

How long do you think you could handle being teased & denied by me? This was the 18 minute climax from an all day tease & denial session. We went lingerie shopping & fetish clothing shopping all day in Paris. We shared glasses of wine & I flirted, keeping him hard and on edge all day. At the end of the night you'll see me fucking with his head and enjoying driving him crazy...
Length: 18 minutes

Pantyhose Lovers Dream

mp4 283.42 MB

This is a sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION for pantyhose lovers. Includes pantyhose RIPPING/TEARING (CLOTHING DESTRUCTION). ~~~~~~ Follow me on TWITTER for pictures, updates & behind the scenes stuff:
Length: 9 minutes