post cum stimulation

Post Cum Abuse

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Mistress Sidonia Von Bork of the English Mansion & I enjoy giving a slave a good tongue lashing. Sometimes slaves like the verbal abuse, when their dick is hard they'd enjoy just about this time we waited until AFTER the slave has ejaculated & his horniness has passed (for the moment). We unleash a barrage of cruel verbals, insults & humiliation on him...and YOU...while stimulating his poor abused dick! This vid is recommended for after you've already cum, if you think you can handle it? (Click to see more classic FemDom scenes on Bitch World FemDom)
Length: 9 minutes

Orgasm Control Tough Love

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This is a great vid for those who struggle with premature ejaculation or who enjoy EDGING. It also features a RUINED ORGASM/ABANDONED ORGASM, a 2nd ejaculation AND POST CUM TORTURE. (Check out my recent blog on this topic:
Length: 14 minutes