HJ For Twisted Freaks

mp4 274.11 MB

You so badly want to be used… As my sex slave, my toy, my cuckold, cock fluffer… What is your kink, you twisted freak? You wouldn't be here if you didn't have some dark, dirty, depraved secrets. You love it when I talk dirty to you. No one else talks to you the way I do. No one else sees you the way I do. I can't wait to watch you crying in shame after you shoot loads of cum in 10... 9... 8... we'll, you get it.

Length: 14 minutes

Orgasm Control Tough Love

mp4 408.39 MB

This is a great vid for those who struggle with premature ejaculation or who enjoy EDGING. It also features a RUINED ORGASM/ABANDONED ORGASM, a 2nd ejaculation AND POST CUM TORTURE. (Check out my recent blog on this topic: http://www.MistressT.net/blog)
Length: 14 minutes

Sensual Satin Fetish HJ

mp4 308.05 MB

I take your breath away. You keep coming back for more. Me in satin just puts you over the edge. You can't resist. Go on, dive in. Let yourself be taken. Give up control. Put yourself in my hands...
Length: 10 minutes

Tease Fuck

mp4 327.08 MB

Only a thoroughly wicked tease would produce such a powerful cumshot. If you make it to the end of this vid without splooging it will be a miracle. I edge him, even going so far as to fuck him a little bit. I keep him from cumming by using 2 condoms (to reduce sensitivity) & I only fuck the tip of his cock. Sweet torment! Eventually he can't help himself & he explodes! I bet you would too *smile*.
Length: 15 minutes

Orgasm Control Training: ORAL

mp4 620.93 MB

Yes, it's 21 minutes long...but how do you expect to learn orgasm control in a 7 minute video? Do you think you would last 21 minutes with my hand & mouth on your cock? Well, if you ever expect to fuck my pussy you're going to have to learn to cum when I want you to...not too quickly: no one likes a premature ejaculator. Stroke along as I skillfully bring you to the edge over & over (amazing EDGING) with my mouth, hand & verbals. Lots & lots of ORAL, tongue & spit. If you love POV blowjob/handjob scenes this will BLOW your mind *smile*.
Length: 21 minutes

Pussy Worship Conditioning

mp4 223.56 MB

It's all part of your training...mind control...you'll worship my pussy while I tease you, edge you & eventually let you have an orgasm... You'll learn to be dedicated to my pussy...
Length: 7 minutes

Orgasm Control For My Boy

mp4 492.21 MB

It's time for sex ed & masturbation instruction from your loving but strict "MILF". Today you'll learn orgasm control. At first you'll be expected to sit on your hands & not touch yourself while I tease & seduce you. Eventually I'll give you permission to touch yourself & will give you a countdown to stroke & NOT cum, then hands off. You'll edge yourself & eventually be given another long countdown from 20 to practice cumming on command. You will be a perfect boy for me & cum only when I give you permission. (Custom vid, Chris's name mentioned a few times.)
Length: 18 minutes

Ball Busted Ruined Orgasm

mp4 392.46 MB

Tied spread eagle, a slave is being trained in orgasm control...me topless with sexy latex/rubber gloves & a hitachi wand (vibrator)... I edge him over & over until he starts to ejaculate without permission & PUNCH HIM HARD IN THE NUTS (11 times!) as he's cumming...thoroughly ruining his orgasm. . . .
Length: 13 minutes

Learn Orgasm Control

mp4 309.09 MB

This is a sensual & intense vid as my poor slave rides the edge of an orgasm...I bring him close and then stop over and over training him to learn orgasm control...
Length: 10 minutes

Turning You Into A CockSucker

mp4 461.43 MB

This vid includes 3 parts: #1. A sensual tease, getting my slave aroused and warmed up to do what he doesn't want to do: suck cock. #2. Cocksucking/Encouraged Bi - He sucks the other slave off until he cums. #3. Tease & Denial/brainwashing...I bring my slave to the edge of orgasm, telling him if he sucks the cum out of the condom I'll let him cum... then deny him telling him he'll have to wait another week to cum...and only then if he takes a load of cum right in his mouth.
Length: 16 minutes