Religious Chastity Destroyed

mp4 610.04 MB

This is a very special and unique vid. I'm speaking to you, a deeply spiritual man who has never seen a woman and who has NEVER HAD AN ORGASM. You are part of a male-only religion/culture where men are taught to redirect their sexual energy to a spiritual/creative place through various meditative practices. I am interviewing you and slowly manipulate you into arousal...I tell you about Goddess Worship...I pretend to be trying to help you and guide you into a meditation that eventually leads to you kissing my pussy...after being tricked and seduced into worshiping me I instruct you to lay below me while I press my foot against your hard cock which results in your first forbidden orgasm ever. This vid is a slow, seductive, intricate mind fuck, great for guys who want a longer build up and a more intense orgasm.
Length: 20 minutes

Jerk For Nun

wmv 239.23 MB

RELIGIOUS PLAY! it just seems so dirty jerking off for a nun, doesn't it? Go ahead, I'll pray for your sinful soul.
Length: 6 minutes

Heaven or Hell?

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A messenger from the lord has been sent to test your faith (or is it actually Satan herself?). There will be great temptation but if you are strong, if you resist, if you don't cum you will be rewarded with an eternity in heaven. BUT if you fail this test, if you give in to sin and temptation and cum you will spend an eternity burning in hell!
Length: 6 minutes