MILF Will Turn You Straight 2

mp4 331.88 MB

Your loving but strict MILF is still trying to turn you straight after discovering that you had been looking at gay pornography. She & you pray to God to help you with your affliction before her nightly ritual of jerking you off, showing you how pleasurable a woman can be. Tonight she turns up the intensity and makes you cum on Jesus on a cross to show him how much you appreciate him dying for your sins. RELIGIOUS + HANDJOBS +MILF + Fam FANTASIES + OLDER WOMAN/YOUNGER MAN
Length: 11 minutes

Firm But Fair MILF

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***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*** action-packed clip covering many fetishes. MILF dearest is dishing out the punishment as she has discovered her boy looking at gay pornography again. She's strict but loving in explaining that he must learn to be straight, for her and for God. She disciplines and sensually seduces him to show him that a woman can turn him on too. He ends up lovingly nuzzling sexy MILF as she wanks him with her leather gloved hand....a dynamite, dirty vid that the whole Fam will love!
Length: 16 minutes

Religious Chastity Destroyed

mp4 610.04 MB

This is a very special and unique vid. I'm speaking to you, a deeply spiritual man who has never seen a woman and who has NEVER HAD AN ORGASM. You are part of a male-only religion/culture where men are taught to redirect their sexual energy to a spiritual/creative place through various meditative practices. I am interviewing you and slowly manipulate you into arousal...I tell you about Goddess Worship...I pretend to be trying to help you and guide you into a meditation that eventually leads to you kissing my pussy...after being tricked and seduced into worshiping me I instruct you to lay below me while I press my foot against your hard cock which results in your first forbidden orgasm ever. This vid is a slow, seductive, intricate mind fuck, great for guys who want a longer build up and a more intense orgasm.
Length: 20 minutes