I Am Your New Religion

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I am your addiction. I'm the one you crave. My voice, my eyes, my lips, my can't look away. You already worship me. You are my stroke puppet, you can't resist. You need to look upon me as you jerk your cock & I will drain you of every last drop...
Length: 7 minutes

MILF Will Turn You Straight

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I've found gay porn on your computer and MY boy is NOT going to grow up to be a fag! I will take matters into my own (pink leather gloved) hands. I will teach you to be attracted to women. Before we go to church today to pray for you I'm going to SHOW you that you can get turned on by a woman: your sexy MILF....a strict but sensual encouraged orgasm is milked from your cock by my expert hands. (Disclaimer: I, Mistress T believe that any sexual orientation is fine. This is a fantasy role-play that sexualizes the SHAME of having gay thoughts/feelings along with the taboo naughtiness of sexual interaction with your hot MILF. If YOU think you might be gay or bisexual I encourage you to accept your feelings and if it feels good: DO IT! No matter what your parents think. *smile*)
Length: 11 minutes