French Slave Part 1

mp4 180.45 MB

Recently, in Paris, I had a french pet serve me in my decadent hotel room. While not in use he waited in my closet. You'll see me bring him out and toy with him...teasing him....seducing him...lots of sensual SPITTING too...
Length: 6 minutes

Glove Addict

mp4 167.77 MB

There's just something about leather gloves...You're addicted my dear, you need this fix...(GLOVE FETISH + LEATHER + MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION / JERK OFF INSTRUCTION + DOMINANT BITCH)
Length: 6 minutes

I Am Your New Religion

mp4 213.13 MB

I am your addiction. I'm the one you crave. My voice, my eyes, my lips, my can't look away. You already worship me. You are my stroke puppet, you can't resist. You need to look upon me as you jerk your cock & I will drain you of every last drop...
Length: 7 minutes