Cleavage Weakness

mp4 248.2 MB

The amazing & busty Domina Alexandra Snow joins me to completely fuck your weak mind with this seductive jerk off instruction. Will you last until the end??? (Click to go to Domina Snow's c4s store)xxx (Click to go to my blog post with a behind-the-scenes vid with Alexandra Snow & Sidonia von Bork)
Length: 8 minutes

Boobs, Big Cock & Buckets Of Cum

mp4 319.67 MB

The title says it all. If you like boobs & hand jobs this vid will blow your mind. (This is the guy who cums like a fire hose!)
Length: 11 minutes

I Am Your New Religion

mp4 213.13 MB

I am your addiction. I'm the one you crave. My voice, my eyes, my lips, my can't look away. You already worship me. You are my stroke puppet, you can't resist. You need to look upon me as you jerk your cock & I will drain you of every last drop...
Length: 7 minutes

Be My Service Sub

mp4 243.37 MB

If you served me in real life you would be expected to perform all kinds of duties...including oiling me down after my bath...from head to toe...massaging the oil into my Goddess body. You can think about that while I talk to you about your life as my slave...& cum for me as I command you to...
Length: 11 minutes

Boss Boob Addiction

mp4 254.13 MB

You can't stop staring at my cleavage at work. You're obsessed. Before firing you I decide to give you one more chance. I tease you with my breasts & make you jerk off in front of me, both humiliating you & hopefully satisfying your curiosity about my boobs so you can focus on your work. (Custom vid, no name mentioned).
Length: 10 minutes

I Control You

mp4 465.21 MB

Mmmm, this sensually Dominant jerk off instruction sizzles! It's a custom vid for 'Chris' & although I say his name in it, you won't care. I slowly strip, teasing you while telling you to NOT stroke yet. I want your arousal to build, I want you to wait. After several excruciating minutes where you'll be white-knuckling the arms of your chair to keep from grabbing your horny cock I finally instruct you to touch yourself very lightly...the MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION continues with a slow countdown, each moment with so much eye candy you'll ache for release...your devotion to me deepening as you fall for me more than you thought possible...
Length: 16 minutes

Kissing & Breast Worship

mp4 367.27 MB

The beautiful Goddess Kyaa & I have been flirting over twitter for awhile now...recently we were finally in the same town at the same time: Sin City, Vegas person we 'clicked' as well as we expected & you get to share a few minutes of the fun as we smooch & playfully explore each other. Kyaa just loved my breasts & I loved the way she loved them...lots of breast kissing, licking & love. If you're a fan of kissing and/or if you're a boob man you'll love this sensual vid. (Click to see more of Goddess Kyaa)
Length: 12 minutes

Bedtime Jerk Off For MILF's Friend

mp4 240.38 MB

This is a sweet & sensual JERK OFF INSTRUCTION for my MILF's boy. Light teasing / humiliation. Let's get all those cummies out so you can relax & go to bed! (Click to go to Alexandra Snow's clips store)
Length: 8 minutes