Latex Nurse Cum Eating Instruction

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Nurse T is here to help you 'take your medicine'. I know many of you are turned on by the idea of eating your own cum but as soon as you blow your load, you can no longer go through with it. THIS VIDEO WILL HELP YOU! 1st part: we'll jerk off together and we'll save your cum (on a plate/in a condom). You can either freeze your sperm until you're ready to jerk off again or just leave it at room temp. 2nd part: I instruct you to jerk off, I give you lots of eye candy and teasing/encouragement. I tell you to lube your finger up with your previous cum/sperm and slide it into your ass. Finger fuck your asshole using your own spunk as lube and continue to jerk off. When you're close to cumming you MUST eat your own cum BEFORE you're given permission to cum again. I bet you'll do it, my dirty cum-eating slut!
Length: 15 minutes