Alien Invasion

mp4 78.7 MB

You know that someday they'll come for you. They're watching you right now. You're not paranoid...beings from another planet or universe want to use you for their own purposes. Strangely sexy...
Length: 5 minutes

Underwater Sexy Time

mp4 367.73 MB

This is a sexy feast for the gorgeous body underwater...a very cool underwater cumshot (2 CUMSHOTS actually: from far away & close up!)...great for VOYEURS, CUCKOLDS or HANDJOB fans. NOTE: It's underwater, so obviously there's no audio. I chose to not add cheesy music but encourage you to listen to your own favorite music while watching...a great vid if your wife is asleep in the next room: shhh! *smile*
Length: 12 minutes

For Strong Men Only

wmv 401.51 MB

This clip is for 'strong men only' because the usual sissy slaves won't make it past the first minute.
Length: 11 minutes

Cruel Surprise Part 1 The Tease

wmv 243.1 MB

My 'boyfriend' returns from working in the woods for several weeks excited to spend a sexy night with me in a hotel room. He's so horny and happy to see me he'll agree to anything. I convince him to try some kinky stuff and I tie him to a chair. Although this clip is the beginning of a series it stands on it's own as a VERY HOT TEASE clip. Seductive, sensual, teasing. A lap dance, a strip tease, bum grinding, ass in face, tits just out of reach, rubbing hard cock through pants, breathy erotic be tied up and have a vixen skilled in the art of seduction work you me, you will LOVE this clip.
Length: 7 minutes