Sensual Entrancement

mp4 332.99 MB

This is a soothing, sensual, (safe) vid. Nothing evil here. Honest. Okay, maybe you'll be a little more addicted to me after...but hey, that could happen with any of my vids.
Length: 15 minutes

Underwater Sexy Time

mp4 367.73 MB

This is a sexy feast for the gorgeous body underwater...a very cool underwater cumshot (2 CUMSHOTS actually: from far away & close up!)...great for VOYEURS, CUCKOLDS or HANDJOB fans. NOTE: It's underwater, so obviously there's no audio. I chose to not add cheesy music but encourage you to listen to your own favorite music while watching...a great vid if your wife is asleep in the next room: shhh! *smile*
Length: 12 minutes

For Strong Men Only

wmv 401.51 MB

This clip is for 'strong men only' because the usual sissy slaves won't make it past the first minute.
Length: 11 minutes

Cruel Surprise Part 1 The Tease

wmv 243.1 MB

My 'boyfriend' returns from working in the woods for several weeks excited to spend a sexy night with me in a hotel room. He's so horny and happy to see me he'll agree to anything. I convince him to try some kinky stuff and I tie him to a chair. Although this clip is the beginning of a series it stands on it's own as a VERY HOT TEASE clip. Seductive, sensual, teasing. A lap dance, a strip tease, bum grinding, ass in face, tits just out of reach, rubbing hard cock through pants, breathy erotic be tied up and have a vixen skilled in the art of seduction work you me, you will LOVE this clip.
Length: 7 minutes