Earn Your Orgasm 2

mp4 470.54 MB

The 1st 'Earn Your Orgasm' was immensely popular (it ranked very high for a long time on clips4sale's top 50) so I know there's a lot of you reading this who already know what this clip is about. If you loved the last one, you'll love this one. If you don't know what it's about, I'll leave a little mystery and just say that it is interactive & you'll have to do a few things to see more of me & to eventually be given permission to cum. Sensual teasing & mind fucking!
Length: 16 minutes

Alien Invasion

mp4 78.7 MB

You know that someday they'll come for you. They're watching you right now. You're not paranoid...beings from another planet or universe want to use you for their own purposes. Strangely sexy...
Length: 5 minutes

Time Travel Tease Trap

mp4 403.15 MB

You've signed a contract to go back in time to serve me for a period of one year. You will not be able to ejaculate though or the time travel will not be able to be reversed. You'll be stuck in this time serving me for the rest of your life. It's only your first day but I can't seem to resist tempting you...seduction, tease...will you be able to control yourself??? ~~~~~~~ SIDE NOTE: I will be in SAN FRANCISCO & LA Oct 26 - Nov 10, 2011. See my public blog for more details:
Length: 14 minutes

Erotic Assassin: Ass Smother

mp4 392.89 MB

Your number's up pal...and there's no use fighting it. None of my victims ever live to tell the tale. It's not all grim though, you do get to have one last orgasm! Your sperm sample is my trophy. I love to see the fear in your eyes as I take turns smothering you with my leather gloved hand and gorgeous, full ass. Your arousal getting the best of really can't resist. NOTE: This clip ends with an ass smother (as well as great ass views/lots of ass eye-candy). A nearly identical clip will be released next with a different ending: HAND-OVER-MOUTH. You choose which you prefer but I don't recommend getting both as they are so similar.
Length: 13 minutes

Sensual Domination Part 1

mp4 216.72 MB

A strong, feminine women doesn't have to be a bitch to Dominate a man...a soft, sensual touch can bring most men to their knees. Find yourself drawn in while you watch this video and wish that you were below me...(Kinky seduction & tease with bondage.)
Length: 11 minutes

Evil Manipu-Therapy 3

mp4 384.51 MB

*** Entrancement *** Your favorite evil, manipulative, twisted, sexy therapist is back to fuck with what's left of your mind. The first part of the clip is very soothing...I take you into deep relaxation making you very susceptible to suggestion. Once I have you under my complete control I turn you into MY sex puppet. I create a new addiction: foot fetish and make you worship my feet. I make you lick my ass & pussy laughing that you'll still taste and smell me when you come out of your trance. I plant a few naughty ideas in those mush brains of yours and ensure that you become my personal, addicted, ruined slave!!! *insert evil laughter here*
Length: 13 minutes

French Slave Part 1

mp4 180.45 MB

Recently, in Paris, I had a french pet serve me in my decadent hotel room. While not in use he waited in my closet. You'll see me bring him out and toy with him...teasing him....seducing him...lots of sensual SPITTING too...
Length: 6 minutes

More Than Money

mp4 299.47 MB

This is a custom vid (no name mentioned). You are a wealthy gentleman obsessed with me. You send me gifts & tributes hoping to prove your devotion to me. Eventually we'll need to meet so you can give me what money can't buy...~ This is an elite mind-fucking masturbation instruction for the financially privileged. Light on financial domination but heavy on seduction. I will sensually & powerfully deepen your connection to me in preparation for meeting me in person.
Length: 13 minutes

Soul Sucking FemDom

mp4 279.46 MB

Happy Halloween! Here's an evil POV handjob scene to give you chills...I seduce & drain you, of your everything. Even knowing that I'll possess your soul when you ejaculate you can't help yourself...under my spell, you are powerless to resist getting milked into evil oblivion...
Length: 9 minutes

FemDom For The Alpha Male

mp4 977.04 MB

This vid is for you if you're the kind of guy who is usually in control but you crave to give up control to the right women. You're tired of always having to take the initiative with women. You're an alpha male, but just for once, you'd like a woman to be in the drivers seat. This is for you if you're a fan of me, but wouldn't normally consider yourself "submissive". If you like to be seduced, slowly, sensually, intimately, powerfully...this will make you feel very connected to me. You will feel entranced & you'll want to give yourself to me...starting with your cum, which I extract gradually, giving you time to build up a nice big load for me...
Length: 36 minutes