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MILF Is The Best Teacher

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*MY BEST SELLING CLIP on Clips4Sale in 2011!*
A patient, loving MILF takes her time teaching her boy about the birds & the bees. She wants to ensure he learns to be a good lover. He needs to learn about a woman's body, about ORGASM CONTROL, etc. He needs to learn to cum from a lighter touch, to take his time, to EDGE himself...these things can't be rushed so enjoy this longer interaction with lots of velvety verbals & breathtaking visuals.
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Length: 29 minutes

Cuckolding Intro For Your Wife

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This is a special new concept. It can be enjoyed solo OR with your wife. It includes a full MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with the theme of you jerking off to your wife cuckolding you. You have the option of jerking off in front of your wife to this vid AND your wife also has the option to masturbate along with you if she chooses. There are parts where I address your wife directly, if you would like help introducing your wife to the idea of cuckolding you/sleeping with other men. It's presented in a sexy & tasteful/classy way. Basically, if you are one of those guys who is turned on by the idea of your wife having sex with other men you will like this vid. I encourage feedback of this new concept.
Length: 15 minutes