sis's Tampon Part 1

mp4 101.26 MB

This is Part 1 of 4. You have a crush on your bitchy big sis and she knows you're curious about her menses (her period). She teases you with her tampon string and starts to tell you some of the things you'll be expected to do to prove you're worthy of her tampon. In the first part, she explains that one of the things you'll have to do is to learn to eat her black boyfriends cum (humiliating cuckolding with a Fam fantasy twist). NOTE: This is a custom video and I use the name 'Tony' frequently.
Length: 3 minutes

Cuckolding Intro For Your Wife

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This is a special new concept. It can be enjoyed solo OR with your wife. It includes a full MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with the theme of you jerking off to your wife cuckolding you. You have the option of jerking off in front of your wife to this vid AND your wife also has the option to masturbate along with you if she chooses. There are parts where I address your wife directly, if you would like help introducing your wife to the idea of cuckolding you/sleeping with other men. It's presented in a sexy & tasteful/classy way. Basically, if you are one of those guys who is turned on by the idea of your wife having sex with other men you will like this vid. I encourage feedback of this new concept.
Length: 15 minutes

Cum On Your Own Face

mp4 208.65 MB

This naughty slave is being punished. He was heavily marked in "Harsh Punishment"....this is what happened next: he was ass fucked hard, stretched and degraded...then he was encouraged to cum on his own face...he hates the taste of his own cum so I made sure he scooped up what missed his mouth and sucked it off of his fingers. This is effective punishment for slaves and he will serve me better in the future, I assure you.
Length: 7 minutes

MILF's Little Hand Humper

wmv 193.68 MB

This is a very special clip. I realize my devoted MILF's Boy's will buy any of my vids catering to their fetish but obviously some are better than others for certain reasons. THIS ONE is especially erotic & mesmerizing. It's more of a 'loving' MILF theme with similarities to "MILF's Ejaculation Test' with great up views of MILF's asshole, which you are instructed to sniff and lick while you jerk yourself off. I lovingly but sternly guide you to your climax before the babysitter arrives so you won't embarrass me with a stiffy in front of her. I watched this video several times myself (I love it that much) and I know you'll enjoy it over and over again too. xo MILF T
Length: 9 minutes

Sexy Step MILFs Training

wmv 432.24 MB

You have a crush of your fathers new wife: your step MILF. She's decided it's time you learn about the birds and the bees and she's going to take your training firmly in hand. She will teach you to be the perfect lover; HER perfect lover. Your Pa is already pussy whipped and you're next. You're a lot like your Pa, but younger, firmer and with more stamina. She knows how badly you want this so you won't have any problem keeping this little secret between you...
Length: 12 minutes