sex toy

The Job Interview

mp4 570.16 MB

Story line: it's a job interview and the applicant has to prove how badly he wants the job...he's going to have to do his regular job tasks, plus be used as a boy toy for a hot, Dominant boss lady.
Length: 19 minutes

MILF Pocket Pussy Training

mp4 484.75 MB

As part of your sex ed I've gotten you a masturbation device to practice with (it's like a Fleshlight). I know it seems a little strange to have me (your MILF) teach you this stuff but I want to ensure you have proper instruction...& I also know that you secretly desire me even though it's so naughty & wrong...
Length: 16 minutes

Ruined Orgasm For Toilet Slave

mp4 249.23 MB

In THIS scene there is very light toilet talk as I just refer to the toilet service he has just performed that has earned him an orgasm. Lots of sensual Domination & teasing...a little ass worship...edging with my hand & vibrator...eventually I permit him an orgasm but I don't stop there: I continue to stimulate his sensitive cock post-orgasm....laughing as he thrashes around howling in pain. POST-CUM TORTURE! If you're more into TOILET PLAY than handjobs/ruined orgasms then check out "Daily Morning Toilet Duties" (Click to see the more toilet focused first part of this scene on Club Stiletto)