You Can Eat Cum

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My darling cuckold, you so badly want to please me by eating cum. I know you'd eagerly lick up the cream pie just to taste my pussy, but you're going to have to learn to love cum, too. You can start with your own. I understand it's often difficult, even though the idea arouses you...after you blow your load you are so resistant to it...but this vid will help you, I assure you...I will seduce you into wanting to do it...I bet you'll be even begging for it...

Length: 14 minutes

Cum After Creampie Clean Up

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You only get to ejaculate AFTER you've cleaned all my lovers cum out of my pussy *smile*.
Length: 12 minutes

Ruined Orgasm For Toilet Slave

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In THIS scene there is very light toilet talk as I just refer to the toilet service he has just performed that has earned him an orgasm. Lots of sensual Domination & teasing...a little ass worship...edging with my hand & vibrator...eventually I permit him an orgasm but I don't stop there: I continue to stimulate his sensitive cock post-orgasm....laughing as he thrashes around howling in pain. POST-CUM TORTURE! If you're more into TOILET PLAY than handjobs/ruined orgasms then check out "Daily Morning Toilet Duties" (Click to see the more toilet focused first part of this scene on Club Stiletto)

Black Magic Soul Sucking

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Your friend told you that I could perform magic...that I could make your wishes come true...but you are soon under my spell & helpless to get away...I reveal that your friend is one of my slaves, sent out into the world to bring me more slaves. I seduce you, entrance you & tell you that once you ejaculate you will forever be mine, my servant, my plaything...yet you can't get away & as your orgasm builds your freedom slips away...your soul will be mine...
Length: 11 minutes

Grand Cum Load Gracefully Extracted

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A beautiful, classy, elegantly Dominant woman in a satin robe...her velvety voice, teasing you, seducing you...a huge cock & a massive cum shot (repeated in slow motion to be thoroughly enjoyed): EPIC.
Length: 18 minutes