shane diesel

Cuckolded By Mistress T and Shane Diesel

mp4 994.69 MB

THIS is the vid you've been waiting for! The most epic INTERRACIAL CUCKOLDING scene I've filmed. Cuckolding royalty: Shane & I have a shared passion for cuckolding & we thoroughly enjoyed teaming up to cuckold you. The BIGGEST BLACK COCK in porn dwarfs your insignificant white dicklet making you feel inadequate & worthless. You know you could never fill & please me like this.
Length: 33 minutes

Cuckold For BBC - Shane Diesel

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This is a POV vid addressing YOU my cuckold bitch. I am preparing you for your life as my cuckold, especially for cleaning black cum out of my pussy. Lots of cream pie descriptions as you stroke & get used to the idea of being my pussy cleaner. The brain washing includes a few brief TEASERS of me enjoying that thick black cock. You can't please me with your little white dick so if you want to be with me, you're going to have to get used to black studs fucking me... (NOTE: This is not the full 34 minute sex scene with Shane Diesel. This is the warm up POV MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION & as a bonus I've included a few teasers from the full vid)
Length: 8 minutes