Turning Hubby Into A Sissy - Part 1

mp4 478.96 MB

I manipulate my devoted husband into dressing up in women's clothing to amuse me...I tell him that it will turn me on because I've started to like women & I've been having a lesbian affair...but then I drop the bomb: that I'll be pimping him out...
Length: 18 minutes

Motivational Reward Vid

mp4 295.15 MB

This is a vid for new slaves. If you do everything properly, if you serve me well, if you are perfectly obedient & well-behaved...THIS could be your reward. I train all my slaves to be efficient pleasure slaves BUT being used as a sex slave is a reward, not a guarantee. This vid should motivate you effectively, seeing me use one of my sex slaves for my pleasure...this could be you.
Length: 10 minutes

Toilet Slave Fantasy

mp4 220.58 MB

Gotta thing for toilet play? Want to serve me in the most intimate way?
Length: 7 minutes

Transformed Into The Perfect Sub Boyfriend

mp4 350.56 MB

In response to you trying to break up with me I put you under a spell & seduce you into submitting to me. I brainwash you into doing all the things a perfect pussy-whipped boyfriend would do. You'll learn to please me sexually, to be my ideal sex'll always put my needs before yours & you will feel pure joy when you do things that make me happy.
Length: 12 minutes