Toilet Slavery

Last Orgasm Before Permanent Chastity

mp4 226.06 MB

This is the last time you're going to be allowed to cum. I'm locking you up for good. I know what a weakness you have for my ass, especially in tight jeans so this should help you along nicely. I tell you what your life is going to be like from now on, how you'll learn to be completely focused on serving me now that you won't be jerking off. I exploit your asshole fetish too & I tell you how you'll be used as my toilet, how you'll learn to eat everything...

Length: 8 minutes

Toilet Degradation

mp4 264.56 MB

Whether you have a mild or extreme fetish for toilet play...a bit of an obsession for assholes, a love of strict FemDom & twisted humiliation, this will likely be your thing. 

Length: 9 minutes

Toilet Slave Fantasy

mp4 220.58 MB

Gotta thing for toilet play? Want to serve me in the most intimate way?
Length: 7 minutes

Bathroom Slave

mp4 130.35 MB

Miss Jasmine & I made this little vid to show other women the joys of having a slave in your clean up after...well, to use his mouth for whatever you want... (Click to see more of Miss Jasmine)
Length: 4 minutes

Toilet Service

mp4 148.48 MB

Your place is in my bathroom serving me in this most intimate way...
Length: 8 minutes

Cuckold Toilet

mp4 204.72 MB

This is a custom vid (no name mentioned). This is your new my toilet & cuckold. You'll consume everything. Your mouth will be used as toilet paper & clean-up service. Today you'll take my P first, then you'll get a look at the big cock that's been fucking'll watch me play with that cock while I make fun of your small'll see him cum & you'll be ordered to clean it all up. You'll be serving me & my lover!
Length: 10 minutes

Used Toilet Bitch

mp4 128.9 MB

Your place is in my bathroom, ready to do your duty for me & my girlfriends. Your wet tongue will be used as toilet paper for #1 & #2. You'll be used over & over... (Click to see more of Ceara Lynch)
Length: 4 minutes

Goddess Party 4-Part 9: Pussy Slaves

wmv 235.55 MB

Do you like pussy? Do you crave to be ordered to worship a Goddess's pussy? To be a pussy slave and everything that comes with it, including drinking a Goddess's golden nectar? Always ready to do your duty? Even if it's in front of other Goddess's? If you think that's hot you'll love this scene from my last Goddess Party.
Length: 6 minutes

Dominant Therapist

wmv 338.75 MB

Your company has sent you to ME to be assessed. You are valuable to the company but there's been some concerns about how you stare at women in the office. It was then discovered that you've been watching porn on your work computer. The company wants me to determine if you are a liability. If you're likely to do something that will result in a messy sexual harassment suit. I've looked at the websites you've been visiting. I now know about your secret perversions: Female Domination, toilet slavery, foot and shoe worship, masturbation instruction, etc. The company doesn't have to worry about you! You would never have the balls to approach a women in the office, let alone do something inappropriate. You're submissive, a cowardly little dork who wants to be bossed around by a women. As I humiliate you and make you squirm, hinting that I could blackmail you with this info, that your job security is in MY control can you guess what I make you do to amuse me???
Length: 9 minutes