Secret SizeQueen Therapist

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The storyline is a bit complex so before I explain I'll give you the short version: This is a SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION vid with MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT.... Now the long version: I am the only one speaking in this vid. I carry on a conversation as if you're asking me questions. You come to a therapist to talk about your small penis issues. I assure you that size doesn't matter to most women. I tell you all the usual lies: "it's not the size of the wave, it's the motion in the ocean", etc. You ask me what my personal preference is and I say it's unprofessional for me to say. You start to fixate on the idea that I prefer big cocks and when we meet again the following week (that's why you see me wearing a different outfit, it's 2 different days) you pressure me further to tell you my preference. I end up getting you to show me your penis so I can see what we're dealing with...then I get you to make it erect for me so I can see it's full size: it is on the small side for sure. Eventually I can't help but make fun of you while finally confessing how much I prefer big cocks...I go into graphic detail and get pretty hot while encouraging you to jerk off while I make fun of you...This is a fantastic, intelligent, complex, realistic small penis humiliation at a GREAT PRICE. If you liked 'Too Small' you'll like this. The same custom buyer requested this one. Search 'SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION' above to find it and other similar vids!
Length: 17 minutes

Trust Doctor T

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EVIL Entrancement ! You're awaken, disoriented, by a beautiful Doctor...your Therapist...she guides back into a more relaxed state using soothing go deeper...and deeper...things start to get it just your imagination or is this really happening?...she instructs you to stroke yourself but if feels like it's her she taking advantage of you in your vulnerable state? (MIND FUCKING, EROTIC Entrancement, JOI, SENSUAL)
Length: 14 minutes

Bad Therapist-Part 1

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Storyline: I'm a therapist with a reputation for alternative methods of therapy. This poor sap has come to me with self esteem issues & an obsession for younger, hotter women who are way out of his league. I tell him that to deal with his issues we need to go role-play the rejection he's getting in the real world but with even more intensity. CRUEL TEASE & DENIAL. Cutting verbals & juicy wet visuals as I fuck a dildo attached to his face... (Part 2 is a short, separate scene where I make him jerk off on my boots & lick his cum up while spitting on him and degrading him. Although the storyline is the same part 1 & 2 are very different scenes.)
Length: 10 minutes