Electro Heated Ruined Orgasm

mp4 114.93 MB

I realize that a RUINED ORGASM is enough reason for you to buy this clip, especially at the bargain price of just $4.99...but the icing on the cake is the added torture or painful 'DEEP HEAT' ointment & an evil 'ELECTRO BUTT PLUG' with BONDAGE. Length: 4 minutes

Medical Exam Extraction

mp4 373.9 MB

A proper, full medical exam includes testing sexual function. Penile responsiveness, consistency of erection, length of time to ejaculation & amount of ejaculate. A series of questions are also asked of the patient, including masturbation habits, sexual fantasies, etc. Tone of the examination: professional & conservative with proper medical terms rather than slang (penis instead of cock, etc.) with dark navy blue/purple latex medical gloves.
Length: 13 minutes

Denied With Purple Gloves

mp4 186.45 MB

I know you love latex/rubber gloves...but this is not going to be nice for you...I want you to stroke along with me, enjoy the eye candy...then deny yourself the same way I deny him! No orgasm for him! No orgasm for you!
Length: 6 minutes

Latex Glove Therapy JOI

mp4 280.36 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned: I'm a therapist who you're seeing about your fetish for latex gloves. I test out your progress & find that you are still very addicted. I might be a sadistic therapist who is manipulating your weakness's...

Nurse Takes Your Manhood

mp4 276.51 MB

This is a custom vid (but no name is used so great for anyone, well, anyone who is into sadistic nurses...) You are in a full body cast. For weeks I've been giving you sponge baths, working your hard cock & blue balls with warm soapy water...but always stopping just before you cum. Early on I noticed you peeking at my legs & figured out you have a thing for white, opaque tights/pantyhose so I've been teasing you with that too. I've been grinding my crotch against your horny cock & straddling your face making you smell my sex through the white gusset crotch of those pantyhose. Today is the day you're going to be cut out of your cast & I know you're eager to run to the bathroom & wack off. You're so desperate for release you're just about crazy with frustration. BUT before your cast comes off I'm going to 'snip' you so your cock will be too sore to touch for at least 6 more weeks! Ha ha!
Length: 9 minutes

Medical Glove JOI

mp4 167.52 MB

This is a simple Jerk Off Instruction/Masturbation Encouragement vid...bonus if you have a MEDICAL FETISH, like nurses, GLOVES or RUBBER/latex gloves. I know you love to have me guide you...jerk off time is so much more fun with me, isn't it?
Length: 6 minutes

Jerk It for Your Fetish Goddess

wmv 193.52 MB

Skin tight, shiny, sexy rubber & latex. How long do you think you'd last in my presence? You've got 5 minutes. Follow my instructions, milk yourself for me...then do it again...and again... (Comic book dorks will should enjoy this too.)
Length: 5 minutes