Cum Guzzling Fag

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Show me what a good cock sucking, cum-loving fag boy you can be for me. Look how close that cock is to my pussy. Look up at my gorgeous tits. It's kind of like being with a trannie, isn't it? You can even imagine that cock is mine. It wouldn't be gay if you were sucking me off, right? I'm so feminine & sexy, so wouldn't even matter if there was a cock between my legs, you'd allow yourself to be seduced into anything...
Length: 8 minutes

Cum Guzzler

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A HANDJOB for a slave shouldn't be too pleasurable...a little HUMILIATION is a good thing. This slave takes his cum on his face & then I scoop it into his mouth, making him hold it on his tongue before swallowing it: CUM EATING INSTRUCTION. (There's a little TRANNIE/CHICK with a DICK fantasy stuff too.)
Length: 5 minutes