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Be My Sissy Crossdresser

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Custom vid (no name mentioned) of me, Mistress T, talking about "the rules" of what I require from a sissy, cross dressing slave. "Recently I have opened a special social club that caters to cross dressers and the men who admire them. I will need you at the club as a sissy and be prepared to pleasure men (or women) as I see fit. You will need to wear full makeup & ladies attire. I'm sure you know what most of these men want: first and foremost a good blowjob. Do you know how to give a good blowjob? I hope so because that's important in this role. Also we get couples who need a submissive." I guide you in a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION explaining your role at the club, in particular all the sissy cock sucking & cum eating you'll be doing.
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I know you'll suck cock FOR ME. I seduce & guide you into sucking cock...preparing you for being pimped out for me.
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You're a new employee at my estate. You've figured out that this is a unique place to work but today you'll find out just how unique. I tell you about the sex parties and activities you could be a part of...I tell you about my erotic lifestyle, the sex games, BDSM & the like. But you'll need to prove yourself worthy to be here. You'll have to do something difficult...for you. You'll need to suck this cock for me. I know, you consider yourself straight...but my dear, working here, for me, is the opportunity of a lifetime. You will be exposed to so many erotic situations, you can't even imagine. All you have to do is show me that you're willing to sacrifice a little too...that you can be obedient...just suck that cock for me like a good boy...
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Cock Sucking Slave Boy

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I entice my submissive young slave into sucking cock for me. He has such a nice mouth for oral service & he's so anxious to please me. I also know how to expertly exploit his weaknesses for leather gloves & leather boots...there's a delicious 'cum-on-boots' finale with him then licking up the cum...he'll have to get used to the taste of cum...with all the cocks I'll have him sucking...
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Religious Cuckold

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Is homosexuality against your religion? Perfect! You will suck cock for me. ---- My new husband is very religious. I met him at church, he was giving a sermon about the evils of homosexuality. I set out to turn him, pursuing him & soon marrying (because sex before marriage is a sin & he couldn't wait to consummate the relationship)...divorce is also against the church so now I have him right where I want him as I turn him into my cuckold & make him do the one thing he feels so ashamed of: sucking cock! I even make him eat the CREAMPIE!
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