Politician Exposed As A Cocksucking Shemale Fan

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We all love to see politicians exposed as hypocrites, especially when the truth comes out that they campaigned against the things they secretly love. This so-called "good Christian" politician campaigned against same-sex marriage, has been vocally anti-gay, voted against gender-neutral bathrooms, condemned prostitution, pornography & trans rights. All while fapping every night to gay & T-Girl porn as his wife slept in the next room...he also often used tax-payers money to buy sex with trans-gendered escorts. He loves chicks with dicks! There's nothing wrong with his attraction to women with cocks or his desire to suck cock, it's his hypocrisy & his political efforts to oppress the trans community that needs to be punished. So I'm exposing him, for everyone to see, his community, his church, his Fam,, friends & constituents. His shame excites me. Knowing that his world & everything he has represented is about to be blown to smithereens. Featuring the very sexy Vancouver-based Alexis D. Vyne //

Length: 16 minutes