Politician Exposed As A Cocksucking Shemale Fan

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We all love to see politicians exposed as hypocrites, especially when the truth comes out that they campaigned against the things they secretly love. This so-called "good Christian" politician campaigned against same-sex marriage, has been vocally anti-gay, voted against gender-neutral bathrooms, condemned prostitution, pornography & trans rights. All while fapping every night to gay & T-Girl porn as his wife slept in the next room...he also often used tax-payers money to buy sex with trans-gendered escorts. He loves chicks with dicks! There's nothing wrong with his attraction to women with cocks or his desire to suck cock, it's his hypocrisy & his political efforts to oppress the trans community that needs to be punished. So I'm exposing him, for everyone to see, his community, his church, his Fam,, friends & constituents. His shame excites me. Knowing that his world & everything he has represented is about to be blown to smithereens. Featuring the very sexy Vancouver-based Alexis D. Vyne //

Length: 16 minutes

Shemale Addiction Brainwash

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I know you have a secret thing for chicks with dicks, lady boys, TGirls, trannies, shemales...I'm going to brainwash you into being completely addicted to shemales by making you watch trannie porn every day for weeks. You'll listen to my voice telling you to get on your knees & suck shemales off while watching Christian XXX do what you ache to do. You'll follow my instructions in this intense INTERACTIVE vid & spiral downward into complete depraved obsession... (Click to go to Pure Media's c4s store)xxx (Click to go to

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Shemale Fetish

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You awaken, groggy, confronted by a busty woman with a huge dick. I explain that your sexually dissatisfied wife found your porn history on your computer & now knows all about your fetish for trannies, t-girls, lady boys, shemales. You like chicks with dicks! She hatched this revenge plan with me & now you're in my dungeon with a cocktail inside of you to make you compliant, horny & erect...but as soon as you ejaculate you will no longer be aroused and what I do to you will not be enjoyable. I'm going to fuck your virgin ass with this HUGE BLACK COCK! I'm going to violate your little man pussy, stretch it & pound it. (This vid includes MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT with lots of vocals about enforced, brutal anal...& is perfect if you also have a fetish for shemales/trannies, etc.)
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