TG/Trans Gender

Shemale Fantasy Interactive Ass Fuck

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Like shemales? Chicks with dicks? Also enjoy strap-on? I speak directly to you, the perverted viewer, about your fetishes, your alternative I play with this guys ass & fuck him with my strap-on. I encourage you to get your toy out & fuck yourself, following my instructions & diving even deeper into depravity.

Length: 18 minutes

Politician Exposed As A Cocksucking Shemale Fan

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We all love to see politicians exposed as hypocrites, especially when the truth comes out that they campaigned against the things they secretly love. This so-called "good Christian" politician campaigned against same-sex marriage, has been vocally anti-gay, voted against gender-neutral bathrooms, condemned prostitution, pornography & trans rights. All while fapping every night to gay & T-Girl porn as his wife slept in the next room...he also often used tax-payers money to buy sex with trans-gendered escorts. He loves chicks with dicks! There's nothing wrong with his attraction to women with cocks or his desire to suck cock, it's his hypocrisy & his political efforts to oppress the trans community that needs to be punished. So I'm exposing him, for everyone to see, his community, his church, his Fam,, friends & constituents. His shame excites me. Knowing that his world & everything he has represented is about to be blown to smithereens. Featuring the very sexy Vancouver-based Alexis D. Vyne //

Length: 16 minutes

Shemale Addiction Brainwash

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I know you have a secret thing for chicks with dicks, lady boys, TGirls, trannies, shemales...I'm going to brainwash you into being completely addicted to shemales by making you watch trannie porn every day for weeks. You'll listen to my voice telling you to get on your knees & suck shemales off while watching Christian XXX do what you ache to do. You'll follow my instructions in this intense INTERACTIVE vid & spiral downward into complete depraved obsession... (Click to go to Pure Media's c4s store)xxx (Click to go to

Length: 10 minutes

DP'd by Trannie & Princess

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This slave becomes AIR TIGHT as we plug both holes in a great DP (Double Penetration) scene. The lovely T-Girl Mistress Z fucking his face and me in the back with my strap-on.
Length: 6 minutes

Party Slave Serves T Girl Mistress Z

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This was a casual pre-drinks party before going out to a club. My dear friend and uber sexy T Girl Dominatrix Mistress Z decided to have some fun with a slave I had around to serve and amuse my guests. She looks striking in her glamorous outfit. She instructs the slave to worship her feet and legs, letting him get dangerously close...she spanks him in front of everyone and then uses him as a foot stool. I could see the bulge in his crotch the whole time! Very cool candid clip of real life action: human furniture, spanking, foot worship and public humiliation.