Addicted To Crack

mp4 369.26 MB

A hot MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION for ASS WORSHIPERS. (Attention: Ass crack addicts!)
Length: 12 minute

Ass Tease For Real Fan

mp4 352.01 MB

This is the last 'smaller' highlight segment of the full version "Meeting Mistress T in Real Life". This part has some of the ass tease highlights and the ending.
Length: 12 minutes

Sniff ***'s Asshole

wmv 258.64 MB

For all my MILF's Boys and Ass Lovers!
Length: 7 minutes

Seductive Interrogation

wmv 393.24 MB

Femme Fatale fans will love me as a lethally hot spy with unique interrogation techniques. You have information I want and I will get it out of you, I promise. I know that you've been trained to withstand painful torture and you're even immune to truth serum. But everyone has a weakness. I know your secrets. You should never have engaged in hypno therapy with your I know what you crave, what's missing from your marriage with your boring wife...I know about your little fetishes...I am going to exploit them all and use them to extract the information I want out of you like squeezing a lemon for juice.
Length: 11 minutes

Blue Dress

wmv 370.39 MB

This is a special vid for a very special slave. I say his name a couple of times in the clip (Dave) so if your name happens to be Dave or you can pretend it is this clip will be even more intense for you. If you were Dave your weakness's would be me in a pretty, feminine dress, peeking up my skirt, seeing my vintage pin-up girl body nude, lots of amazing views of the ass you worship...and something unusual in my video's: I use a glass dildo and my hand to bring myself to a natural orgasm (not a fake, screaming porn-style orgasm). Incredible views. Very erotic, sensual and intimate.
Length: 10 minutes