Auntie Trains You

mp4 270.07 MB

MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION + OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN + Fam FANTASIES + SEX ED + CUM EATING INSTRUCTION + GLOVE FETISH + FOOT SNIFFING/WORSHIP. Auntie guides you to get rid of that naughty erection before your MILF gets home....
Length: 9 minutes

Take My Spit

mp4 171.59 MB

It's spit facial time for you, my lucky spittoon. Follow my instructions and jerk yourself with my saliva dripping off your face onto your horny dick... (MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION + JOI + SPIT FETISH + SPITTOON + SPITTING + GODDESS WORSHIP + FEMALE DOMINATION)
Length: 6 minutes

Seductive Interrogation

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Femme Fatale fans will love me as a lethally hot spy with unique interrogation techniques. You have information I want and I will get it out of you, I promise. I know that you've been trained to withstand painful torture and you're even immune to truth serum. But everyone has a weakness. I know your secrets. You should never have engaged in hypno therapy with your I know what you crave, what's missing from your marriage with your boring wife...I know about your little fetishes...I am going to exploit them all and use them to extract the information I want out of you like squeezing a lemon for juice.
Length: 11 minutes