Ass Licking

Ass Cleaning Duties

mp4 92.46 MB

I know you crave to be my toilet slave, my toilet paper, my ass & pussy in jealousy as this lucky slave is ordered to perform his duties after I've come out of the washroom. Do you think you could serve me so well?
Length: 3 minutes

Addicted To Crack

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A hot MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION for ASS WORSHIPERS. (Attention: Ass crack addicts!)
Length: 12 minute

Suffer For My Ass

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This was filmed in Seattle after "Suffer For My Feet". Apparently the slave was more devoted to my ass than my feet because he broke the bed and nearly ripped his balls off to get to it. After breaking the bed I felt he deserved a reward and he does actually get to worship/lick my ass while I laugh at his suffering.
Length: 6 minutes

Cuck Gimp Suck Cock & Licks ALL

mp4 526.06 MB

It's time to get down & dirty...that mouth of yours is going to do some work today...cock sucking, asshole licking & cream pie clean up. Sucking the dick that gets to fuck my Goddess pussy, lick man-ass AND slurp up his cum from my freshly fucked pussy! I know this is your ultimate fantasy but you need to be encouraged & pushed by a Dominant woman to actually go through with it...& I am VERY persuasive.

Length: 18 minutes


Good Boy Licks Man Ass

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Custom vid, the name Daveet is mentioned several time. As a loving, nurturing MILF, I want you to safely explore your sexuality. I know you've been looking at gay porn lately, specifically of men rimming each other/licking each others assholes. I want you be able to explore this new interest without the risks of hooking up with strange men on the internet or god knows what. So I'll coach you through licking my boyfriends asshole while also encouraging you to fuck your own ass with a toy. I'll have you finish with cumming on your own face & eating your own cum...because I understand & accept what a special little pervert you are.
Length: 12 minutes

Kinky MILF Domme Uses Slave

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You dream of serving a sexy, mature, Dominant, kinky woman...don't you? I would have you service my ass & pussy...I would fuck your ass & make you beg to cum, teasing you & keeping you on the edge...denying you for my sadistic jollies.(Custom vid, no name mentioned).
Length: 12 minutes

Worship My Oiled Ass

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The big, shiny ass makes you weak. You would love to be down on your knees with your face buried deep in my ass, sniffing, licking & worshiping...
Length: 5 minutes

New Prison Bitch

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I welcome you to your new hell. As the new prison bitch for your 3 year sentence you will be spending a lot of time on your knees sucking black dick. All those horny, mean black inmates are going to love a little white boy like you. They're going to ruin your little pink asshole, running a train on you. One after another, all stretching your slut hole with their thick black cocks. You'll have to lick a lot of black ass too. Your mouth will get a lot of work eating black ass, licking black balls, swallowing black cum...
Length: 7 minutes

Hot Ice

wmv 415.69 MB

I filmed this clip last summer during a heat wave in Vancouver especially to release in the middle of winter for all of my snow-bound fans. Turn up the heat while you watch this clip. I want you to sweat with me. Watch the ice glide and melt on my scorching hot skin...imagine that it's your tongue, licking the sweat from my Goddess body...licking my sweet pussy and ass...
Length: 11 Minutes

Learn To Serve Part 2 - Ass Worship

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I stroke and tease my slaves cock and balls while instructing him on how to worship my ass properly.
Length: 8 minutes