Gay Audition

mp4 295.93 MB

You have come to audition to be in a gay porn. You'll need to prove yourself by stroking your cock to show you have orgasm control, that you're not a premature ejaculator. You'll have to show me you can suck cock & take a cock in the well as doing ass-to-mouth by taking the cock out of your ass & sucking on it. You'll have to cum on command. I describe the kinds of scenes you'll perform in if you get the job: Gang bangs, interracial, etc. I describe the sex acts you'll perform. My demeanor is professional, not sensual. This is business after all. (Custom vid with no name mentioned.)
Length: 15 minutes

Sex Slave Interview

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So, you want to fuck me? You want to serve me sexually, please me and be a film slave? Let's see what you've got to offer. Let's see if you measure up.
Length: 12 minutes